Lungu’s Swaziland girlfriend pregnant

President Edgar Lungu’s Eswatin (Swaziland) concubine is pregnant, sources close to power have revealed.

The Watchdog established nine months ago that when president Lungu went to Eswatini to witness that kingdom ‘s ruler pick his 17th wife, the Zambian President also picked his own.

Lungu and the girl believed to be 25 years have been living at State Lodge ever since. First Lady ester Lungu has been ‘singling’ at State House.

” The President was summoned to Eswatin last month over the pregnancy issue. He was summoned by the family of the girl believed to be about 25 and he committed to marry that has annoyed the first lady,” said the source.

Our sources says the Eswatini maiden has since left for Eswatin to go and deliver.

Available documents and published here in the past show that President Lungu is building a mansion in Eswatini but these things are now under heavy protection by the two governments. But they will be revealed in due course.

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    simon Zimba 2 weeks ago

    Don’t waste your energy honourable with these people,we are proud to call zambia home now becoz of PF,No party has done what PF has managed to do so far,we love you and God bless you.
    Indeed we can call zambia home now because of of PF,No party has done what PF has managed to do so far,they have been sharing wealth among themselves as PF cadres of which you are one of them that is why you can call it a home. You have never visited hunger stricken homes such as where Kampyongo comes from for instance the market along the road and the only Guest house belonging to the DC.
    You can boast because you think you will in power forever learn lessons from all those who were there before you, do not fool yourselves.
    Who does not know the real thieves in power who claim to be humble and always cheating themselves with Pastors like the ones at Kitwe Pastors Fellowship who are boot lickers, hungry and always looking for money from the PF in Kitwe. It is a shame for these Pastors who gather themselves as senior Ministers but depriving the rights of the genuine ministers in the communities the 29TH DEC celebration was a true picture of hungry Pastors begging money from Lungu in the name of congratulating the CONCOURT.

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    Joseph 2 weeks ago

    Boza muleke imwe ba watchdog anyway you survive in lies PL z spare our first lady she is awoman whom I have never heard her boosting in public she is awoman of integrity.

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    Joshua chama 2 weeks ago

    Fake and fade,why have extracted from true stories to false one’s,lack of wisdom do not know that your putting shame on your country and his family? sometimes it’s advisable with no any news,if I would be the c.e.o i would have close it including your eye’s and ears in last year… begin new tings not things because you will think of Zambia but I meant other countries good morals.

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    Give more details before we accept this story.

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    bambino 2 weeks ago

    Guyz twanaka naimwe nefimalyashi fyabupuba its time to change the story from fake news to real issues,its time for revolutionists, and not rumor mongers,to those interested in fake stories I say to hell with your stories.Let us discuss real things that can develop our country but imwee ba……………lyonse malyashi yabufi y cant u change.

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    ben ghat fame 2 weeks ago

    What is going on in this country so called christian nation

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    Good Fellow 2 weeks ago

    That’s what he is GOOD at. while the mines are closing due to his incompetence, he is busy fu3king a 25year old at government expense.

    should we be taxed to death just for him to continue with nyengele?
    no wonder there’s too much porn going on around in this country, it is because we are being lead by a porn star

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    Wanzelu 2 weeks ago

    A so called humble and God fearing man…. full of vigololo.

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    KUPUSA 2 weeks ago

    jimmy mapolo

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    MahalfYatu 3 weeks ago

    @jimmy shaba, Eswatini will be included on the inquiries list. It’s beginning to sound like an externalisation scheme. Watch this space.

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    jimmy shaba 3 weeks ago

    baseless and rubbish story

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    He is a LOOSE cannon in all aspects of life.

    If he cannot tame his appetite for beer how will he tame his appetite for dwingane?

    If he cannot tame his appetite for corruption how will he tame his appetite for dwingane, and the list of looseness goes on?

    I hope the Eswatini concubine is not infected because ba guy aba is showing all signs of a heavy carrier.

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    Kampyongo 3 weeks ago

    Imwe ba Watchdog,what evidence do you have other than the hearsay? Speak with facts ba Kolwe imwe

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      Don’t waste your energy honourable with these people,we are proud to call zambia home now becoz of PF,No party has done what PF has managed to do so far,we love you and God bless you.