Lungu’s team try to kidnap Linyungandambo leader

The following article has been published by Barotse Post:

On the night of 19th December 2014,  Minister of Defence and Justices who is also the PF Presidential candidate in the forth coming  By-Election EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU sent a team to Mwembeshi Maximum Prison comprising Zambian Army and OP personnel to specifically go and kidnap His  Afumba Mombotwa to an unknown destination. He instructed them to say, “When the Prison Officer In-Charge asks you tell him that you are transferring him to Lusaka where He will be released from.”

Afumba is the leader of the Linyungandambo seperatist movement.

Upon arriving at Mwembeshi, they told the Prisons Guard on duty who later informed his superior. The Officer told this team of criminals and kidnappers that in his capacity he has not received such an instruction from the Acting President Dr. Guy Scott. He further told them that unless they showed him a presidential command, he would not allow them. The team leader then called Lungu and told him about the development, and he Lungu emphatically told them that their instruction was to pick Rt. Honorable Afumba Mombotwa and they should do just that.

Amidst this argument, the Officer In-Charge then decided to call state house and speak to Dr. Scott. He told him about the move which Edgar Lungu was doing to implicate him as the President. And in response to it, Dr. Scott told the Officer In-Charge that He in his capacity as Acting President did not give such a command or directive and who ever sent those people was doing so to undermine his authority. He went on to say that they should not allow anyone to kidnap any of the trio out of Mwembeshi prison to either Lusaka or any other unknown place.

Zambia’s Acting President further said those people (Afumba and his co-accused) have not committed any crime and if anything, they should be taken back to Mungu closer to their relatives, stating that even the next court session should be held in Mungu and not Lusaka. He further said that who ever sent this team has evil plans against these people and He Dr. Scott will not allow such a thing to happen under his watch. And when the officer In-Charge told them what the Acting President’s orders were, they all left. There were two trucks full of soldiers, a land cruiser and another vehicle.

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