Lungu’s transitory role is coming to an end next year- Msoni

NASON Msoni says President Edgar Lungu’s transitory role is coming to an end next year and Zambians must elect a performing government that will revive people’s hopes. In an interview yesterday, the All People’s Congress leader said it has been a painful period of mourning Michael Sata because President Lungu has been behaving like an irresponsible administrator of a deceased’s estate.

“[President] Lungu is behaving like an irresponsible administrator of a deceased’s estate, who takes advantage of orphans by borrowing irresponsibly and mortgaging the assets of the estate; that is why they have gone on a spree of  borrowing. They don’t care about the consequences of what they are doing. This is not a government that anyone would want to vote for in 2016; otherwise, this country will be buried,” Msoni cautioned. He said President Lungu was a political risk to keep in charge of national affairs beyond next year. “By 2016, I think we would have mourned our beloved Michael Sata enough and it will be time for the Zambian people to end President Lungu’s transitory role because he is a political risk to carry on with. It will be going too far for us to expect that we should continue mourning beyond 2016 with this type of leadership,” Msoni said. “As far as we are concerned, we don’t think President Lungu is in the 2016  political equation, he is out of the equation. He can’t win, for sure! He is more of a caretaker [President and] I think the funeral of our beloved president Sata will be over.”

He said Zambians were eager to replace the PF government next year. “We are all anxious that in 2016, we are going to have a performing government, a government that will be able to live up to the expectations of the Zambian people. Otherwise with that cluster of boys around Mr Lungu, where can this country go to? It will be in ruins,” Msoni said. He said President Lungu lacked the political skill to harness leadership. “Lungu is not a politician. He is more of a political chancer and so he can’t harness the relationship between PF and MMD because it takes political skill to harness leadership, which he doesn’t have. He is a man who has decided to embrace political defectors but forget those who helped him walk into State House. He is now telling them ‘I will fall on you like a tonne of bricks’, after they have put him in State House. He is now threatening them. The people who took you to State House, you want to fall on them like a tonne of bricks? What kind of a leader are you?  So we sympathise with those who are following President Lungu because he will just use and dump them. Otherwise, we are for regime change in 2016,” said Msoni. – See more at:

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