Lungu’s tribalism


I just want to say I find President Chagwa Lungu’s tribalism and nepotism sickening to say the least. Just the other week, he was admitting that there is nepotism in his government. Today, he indulges in one of the worst form of tribalism.

Just look at this, he appoints a tribunal to investigate DPP Nchito, but the tribunal has three people from Easten province and one from Northern, if Silungwe is not from Eastern. See

Justice Annel Silungwe (Former Chief Justice)-Chairperson
Justice Mathew Ngulube (Former Chief Justice)- Member
Ernest Sakala (Former Chief Justice)- Member
And Mr. Mathew Zulu (Secretary)

As if that is not bad enough, he replaces Nchito with another easterner, Lillian Shawa Siyuni.

Yesterday he fired a Lozi person as Lusaka PS and today replaced him with another estener Stardy Mwale

He fires Felix Nkulukusa one of the very few Tomgas in cabinet and replaces him with a northerner. Ronald Simwinga.

He appoints Godfrey Malama also from the same region.




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