Lungu’s wasteful trip to Dar

How does president Edgar Lungu feel to realise that even before he landed from Tanzania (using poor people’s money), the person he went to visit banned unnecessary, wasteful travels by government officials in his country. Was this not an indirect rebuke and disapproval of Lungu’s careless, expensive, exploitative presidency? What did Lungun achieve by his trip to Tanzania or how did Zambians benefit? Wouldn’t it have been better to let the High Commissioner their to represent it? Just because Zuma and other presidents travelled is no justification for Lungu to waste money as well. Zambia is a poor country and is currently going through extreme difficulties. The money Lungu and his minions spent to go and drink whiskey in Tanzania could have been saved a lot of miners in Luanshya who were paid K900 as retirement benefits.

Chungu C

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