Lungu’s wife escapes lynching

Lungu’s wife escapes lynching

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu’s wife Esther Monday afternoon escaped lynching from Kapiri Mposhi women. Tasila’ step mother had to be whisked away using bush paths.

Mrs-LunguTrouble started when Ms. Lungu gave money to the women and PF regalia such as Chitenges and other stuff.

But soon after the women demanded more money while chanting anti PF songs and shouting ‘Mpaka Litente, Mpaka Litente, Mpaka Litulike’ with others shouting the forward UPND slogans.

Sources on the ground said the women demanded more money stating that it was their money as taxpayers, but by then Ms. Lungu could not meet their demands.

This prompted security to barricade some sections of the road as they whisked away Lungu’s wife using some bush paths as the crowd of mainly women was becoming uncontrollable.

Esther Lungu, who is 4 years older than her husband has been galavanting many parts of the country campaigning for her outgoing husband using state resources but in the name of her newly formed NGO which won’t even survive after elections.

Yesterday, she was in Ngabwe District distributing change in form of small amounts of money to some poor villagers.

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