Luo advised to stop playing foolish pranks on Lecturers’ salaries

Luo advised to stop playing foolish pranks on Lecturers’ salaries

University of Zambia lecturers and researchers have told higher education minister Nkandu Luis to exercise judgement of the pranks she pulls on April Fools Day.

The lecturers say Luo can play foolish jokes as she sees them but when it comes to salaries of lecturers, she must desist from issuing jokes of poor quality.

UNZALARU Secretary General Kelvin Mambwe was responding to Luo’ statement that lectures who can’t stand delayed salaries should resign.

‘UNZALARU would like to believe that the outrageous and appalling remarks by the Minister represent her chosen way of celebrating April Fools’ Day.

‘It is not our intention to prescribe to her what pranks she can unleash on our members and the public on this day, dedicated globally to playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. However, we urge the Minister to exercise judgement even in the choice of the pranks she pulls.

‘This is because jokes of disturbingly poor quality, like the one broadcast on Hot FM this morning, have the potential to provide inglorious inspiration to one or more of her colleagues in Cabinet who, in a needless race to the pettiest and most despicable joke for April Fools Day, may appear on another platform to proclaim that “President Edgar Lungu and we in the PF government have no plans to sustain public universities, especially the University of Zambia (UNZA) and Copperbelt University (CBU), because we do not value higher education and the need for it in the country.” We would like to believe that the Minister of Higher Education is yet to take leave of her senses and retains the mind to think of more harmless and funny April Fools’ jokes to dish out for media and public consumption,’ Mambwe said

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