Luo, Chibesakunda meet to subvert justice

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and her niece Nkandu Luo who is also Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister this evening met at Ndozo Lodge in Chilanga to plan how the Supreme Court can dismiss an application that seeks to challenge the purported election of Edgar Lungu as PF President.

Also present was Judge Isaac Chali and a small sickly boy. Meanwhile, information has emerged that Judge Chali is related to James Chungu commonly known as Jimmy Fingers owner of Chita Lodge. Fingers is among the thugs surrounding Lungu. It is further reported that Judge Chali was accommodated at Chita Lodge for free when he was transferred from Kitwe to Lusaka.

The so called consent judgment entered by Edgar Lungu with his supporters has brought shame and embarrassment to professional judges and the Watchdog understands there is tension in the judiciary. Some judges feel what happened this week undermined the credibility of the judiciary and will take time to heal.

A consent judgement, like the name suggests can only be entered into by opposing parties if they agree to reconcile or settle the matter out of court.

But what happened in this case is that people on one side of the dispute agreed to reconcile and enter a consent judgement. Its like you and your spouse sue your neighbour and his or her spouse over a plot. Then before your neighbour responds, you and your spouse sign a consent judgement and judge Isaac Chali orders that the plot is yours. This is simply madness.

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