Luo, Chibesakunda order High Court Judges to rule in favour of Lungu

Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda has now directed High Court Judges handling the PF injunctions to rule in favour of Edgar Lungu in all cases.

Highly placed sources from the Office of the President (OP) have disclosed that Chibesakunda, through connivance with her niece Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo have agreed to back Lungu in their rulings.

“That’s why she ordered that the Lungu group be given an injunction at night before the Guy Scott conference while they denied the Guy Scott team an injunction on Sunday to retrain the Lungu camp from going ahead with the conference. So far Lungu has promised Luo the position of vice-president and has also promised to keep and even confirm Chibesakunda as Supreme Court Judge,” sources have revealed.

Sources revealed that Luo is also determined to install her elder brother Chief Chewe as the Paramount Chief of the Bemba speaking people using Lungu as president and her auntie Chibesakunda as Chief Justice.

“What we basically believe in the system is that both PF conferences were possibly irregular. On the Guy Scott Conference, the argument is that they did not form a quorum, but at least there was some semblance of normality and the actual figures of people who voted can be accounted for. But on the Lungu conference, people were merely asked to lift hands like they were selecting a class-monitor. That means even none PF members, but mere thugs could have lifted their hands. And they can’t also account how many people were there, which means they could easily not have formed a quorum as well,” revealed the OP sources.

Sources say Nkandu Luo’s connections with the judicially through her connections with her auntie Chibesakunda will finally be at play in all these PF cases as they want to install chief Chewe as Paramount Chief of the Bemba of speaking.

Rival PF camps have taken each other to court over the legitimacy of the PF presidency.

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