Lupando Mwape commends China for investing in Africa

lupandoWith priority given to agriculture and infrastructure in the draft action plan for next three years, the cooperation launched by the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) addresses the fundamental needs of the African countries, Ambassador of Zambia to China Lupando Mwape told Xinhua Friday after attending the 7th senior officials meeting of the Forum.

”Most of the African land is wide and diverse, but we cannot access to it because of lack of transportation, energy or communication infrastructure. So if we are to put the infrastructure in place, it would be easier for potential investors in agriculture to come. Then agriculture exploitation will be extended,” commented Mwape in the Egyptian resort city for the preparations of the 4th ministerial session of FOCAC scheduled for Nov. 8 and 9.

”That means more foods will be produced, hunger will be reduced, people will be empowered. There will be more space for social development such as in education and health”, added the ambassador.

”The China-Africa Cooperation addresses the fundamentals of what African countries need most,” he concluded.

Saying that the cooperation between Zambia and China has witnessed substantial results in nearly all sectors, Mwape also hailed the relations between the two countries as ”wonderful”.

The FOCAC, a collective consultation and dialogue mechanism, was jointly proposed and established by China and more than 40 African countries in 2000.

The upcoming conference will review how the consensus of Beijing Summit has been implemented and chart the path of practical cooperation for the next three years.

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