Lupando told to shut up before embarassing himself

FORMER Vice-President Lupando Mwape should disclose the real reasons behind his recall from China where he was serving as ambassador, the MMD has said.

MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu said in a statement yesterday that his party finds Mr Mwape’s “cowardly and veiled” attack on President Banda in yesterday’s edition of The Post “irresponsible, misleading and uncalled for”.
He said those who are privy to details behind his recall find his statement “hilarious”.

“Mr Mwape should shut up before he disgraces himself further. He must stop provoking others,” Mr Nyangu said.

Mr Nyangu said Mr Mwape must realise that the attacks on President Banda will not help him in any way and he should not deliberately mislead the public.

Mr Mwape alleged during the burial of former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) vice-president Chewe Lupili in Ndola on Monday said he was recalled from his diplomatic posting because he was “too old”.

The former Vice-President also said President Banda has not initiated any development programmes and has just been implementing what President Mwanawasa initiated.

“Mr Mwape’s statement on President Banda’s government is coming from an extremely bitter and ungrateful heart,” Mr Nyangu said.

He said Mr Mwape should stop apportioning his own failures on innocent people including President Banda.

“Mr Mwape is entirely to blame for his recall. He cannot point a finger at anyone. It is saddening that Mr Mwape chose to vent his frustrations at a funeral,” Mr Nyangu said.

Mr Nyangu said Mr Mwape’s opinion on President Banda and development must be dismissed as careless talk which does not even deserve a response.

He said it is not anybody’s fault that Mr Mwape has chosen not to see the development strides President Banda and his government are making.
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