Lusaka based criminal says he is after Watchdog

A well known criminal by the name of Oppah Hamiyanze has come out in the open to identify himself as one of the people that want to kill Zambian Watchdog writers or editors. In a posting on Facebook version of the ZWD story on who’s interest police are holding Esnart, Mr. Hamiyanze who served 18 months in Jail at Choma Prison for Car Hijacking and Fraud had this written “We will never answer to furbrications by Zwd.Hon Miles Sampa has over 17,000 likes on Face Book alone & over 8980 coment good ten times beating the website Zwd & over 6000,000 million Zambians love him. Son why waste time on these idiots ZWD. Anyway we are closing up with them”. Oppah Hamiyanze is a known criminal. He is the person who organised thugs that beat up worshipers at BIGOCA Church in Matero. He is normally found at Buseko Market in Matero. Oppah served 18 months in Jail in Choma after he hijacked a motor vehicle and went with it to Mufumbwe during the by-elections. At this time he was with MMD. When he returned back to Choma after a month, the Police arrested him for Motor Vehicle theft. He pleaded with the owner of the vehicle to settle the matter outside court. Oppah later issued a cheque that bounced. Two more cheques bounced that is how the Choma Magistrate sent him to jail for eighteen months.
He now lives in Lusaka’s Matero township under the gurdianship of Miles Sampa the commerce deputy minister who has Presidential ambitions.Last week the ZWD received reports that some assassins have been hired to kill Zambian Watchdog writers and Editors.

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