Lusaka City Council to close roads

Lusaka City Council to close roads

What are they afraid of this Friday?

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    KABWATA 1 week ago

    We support these men and women in uniform. It is their day . Let them enjoy

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    Matt 1 week ago

    PF know they time is up. These are scare tactics and abuse of power.

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    Mercury 1 week ago

    This is clearly intimidation and show of force with the CoNCourt ruling due on Friday..OMG.  I have never heard of such a day. Why not hold it on one of the bases. We keep telling people that PF must be stopped immediately before is too late. These are dress rehearsals for mor ghastly things to happen in Xambia.

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    Ichalo Lifupa..., 1 week ago

    The main purpose is to prevent supporters of the presidential eligibility petitioners from offering support.

    Solders never make drills/training in the city but the bush and other isolated places. The city drills are for the police so don’t deceive Zambians because they deserve better.

    God bless Zambia.