Lusaka City council tries to explain embarrassing fire truck failure


Lusaka – Monday, 3rd August, 2020

Lusaka City Council (LCC) has learnt of the video footage which has gone viral on social media showing LCC Fire Truck in Kabwata being operated manually that it ran out of fuel.

Some sections of society have posted information insinuating that the truck ran out of fuel.

LCC wishes to clarify that the truck did not not run out of fuel but what transpired was that the officer in charge (operator) upon arrival the at the scene engaged the PTO ( fire fighting system) but it did not kick in automatically.

The counter measure was to use the manual operation because the truck has both manual and automatic systems.

The manual operation of the truck worked very well and the job was executed.

LCC wishes to advise members of the public who may not have the know-how of the fire truck system to verify with officers in charge before sending out wrong information.

The fire truck is an emergency vehicle and therefore it always has fuel even under challenging times.

The misinformation that the truck ran out of fuel on its way to the emergency scene should therefore be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

The lies are being peddled by those who have ill motives about the fire trucks but they should be reminded that the truth will always triumph over lies.

Issued by:
George Sichimba
Public Relations Manager

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