Lusaka city in darkness, water taps dry

Almost the entire city of Lusaka was plunged into darkness during the early hours of today, Friday morning as ZESCO loading is worsening in the country.

And water taps have dried-up in almost the entire Lusaka City with residents walking from various places early in the morning to fetch for the commodity in shallow waters.

A number of people from various localities in Lusaka reported that they had no electricity in the early hours of this morning.

Some areas have had no electricity for almost two days now with some incurring huge loses on their businesses.

And the situation is the same with water crisis that has hit most parts of the city as the PF government has priotised roads construction instead of critical areas such as water and sanitation provision.

Sources within the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) revealed that most of the boreholes that were sunk in the 1970s UNIP era have completely dried up.

“We have been telling the PF government to consider constructing another water pipe from Kafue river to Lusaka as a more sustainable means. All the boreholes have dried-up and the number of households and population in the city have increased. But they seem more keen to construct roads where they are getting cuts through corruption,” said one of the PF government sources.

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