Lusaka evangelist loses K200m

A PROMINENT Lusaka Tele-Evangelist has allegedly been swindled out of about K282 million which he used to buy what he thought was gold.

Three men have since been arrested in connection with the alleged fake deal.

Police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso said in Lusaka yesterday that the named evangelist paid for what he thought was gold in United States dollars and was given a night safe with a key.

“When he received the safe, the pastor did not check inside to verify whether what he was given was indeed gold. After praying over his purchase, with members of his Church, he turned the key but was surprised to see it burst into flames,” he said.

Mr Kapeso said when the flames were extinguished, the evangelist checked inside the safe only to find monkey nuts, beads and small wooden human shaped carvings adorned with strange-looking objects such as those used in witchcraft.

He said the vehicle that the suspects were using has been confiscated and is parked at Lusaka Central Police Station.

Mr Kapeso warned members of the public not to be duped into buying expensive minerals without going through the Ministry of Mines.

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