Lusaka High Court upholds Lt General Singogo’s conviction

The Lusaka High Court has upheld the conviction and six year jail sentence of former Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander Lieutenant General Christopher Singogo.
Lieutenant General Singogo was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment by the Lusaka Magistrates Court for Abuse of Authority and theft by public servant in 2011 but he had appealed his conviction.
Lusaka High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo sitting with judges Sharon Newa and Lombe Phiri handed down the judgment today.
Judge Chitabo said that General Singogo will start to serve the six-year sentence today (Monday) if he had been on bail since his conviction by the lower court.
He stated that the prosecution had substantially discharged the burden of proof to warrant the lower court’s conviction of General Singogo.
The lower Court had established that General Singogo diverted Zambia Air Force -ZAF Generator sets to his lodges in Lusaka and Livingstone.
The court consequently held that the former ZAF Commander had obtained pecuniary advantage from the ZAF Gensets which were by implication government properties.
The Magistrates Court also found that tender procedure was not followed in the purchase of the ZAF Gensets valued at K85, 000.

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    Black Sabath 1 week ago

    When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of people/men in a society over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.
    Frederic Bastiat.
    but if you are not part of them even for spilling tea in their comfort zone they deal with you ruthlessly,like in the case of Lt Gen Singogo:One he is not from Eastern,Lupula,Northern and Muchinga province.two isnt member of PF,3 He adviced them to concede defeat at the hand of UPND.4 He told Mr Sata thatthe introduction of Muchinga was out tribalism and the removing of Itezhi Tezhi and Chirundu had bearing on Barotseland agreement of 1964 which the government failed to fulfill and also to weaken southern province…you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all people all the times

  • comment-avatar
    Ulemona 1 week ago

    Some get imprisoned for stealing thousands and others go scot free for stealing millions!! Hmmmn 😱😱😱