Lusaka lawyer testifies in Mohan murder case

LUSAKA lawyer Frank Tembo yesterday testified that not everything in the warn and caution statement recorded by the police was true.

During cross-examination in a matter where Inktech managing director Matthew Mohan, Idris Patel and Shabia Patel are charged with the murder of Cyclone Hardware director Sajid Itowala on July 21, 2009, Tembo explained that some of the things were included by the police for what he termed investigation purposes.

He said he was made a state witness by the state and at no time did the police tell him that he was a suspect.

Tembo denied having any meeting with Idris in his office to discuss Tofic but said he executed a sales agreement relating to a tissue making machine.

Idris’s lawyer Katolo cross-examined Tembo on a print out from Zain Zambia showing calls Mohan made to various numbers.

Tembo confirmed after looking at the Zain print out that he received a call from Mohan on 0976060297 on his number 0977784346 on July 21, 2009 at 10:43 hours and another call from Mohan at 10:56 hours on the same number.

According to the Zain print out, Mohan on July 21, 2009 made 27 calls to 0968792812 and the calls were at the following times: First call 06:42 hrs, 06:43 hrs, 07:18 hrs, 07:24 hrs, 07:30 hrs, 08:25 hrs, 08:40 hrs, 08:54 hrs, 08:57 hrs, 09:22 hrs, 10:37 hrs, 10:51 hrs, 11:07 hrs, 11:18 hrs, 11:48 hrs, 12:09 hrs, 12:16 hrs, 13:57 hrs, 16:02 hrs, 16:38 hrs, 16:57 hrs, 17:52 hrs, 18:00 hrs, 19:54 hrs, 20:04 hrs, 20:08 hrs and the last one at 20:15 hrs.

Tembo testified that the number that Mohan called 27 times was not his.

He testified that he learnt from the police that Sajid was killed in the early morning of July 21, 2009.
Tembo disclosed that he received calls from Mohan even when he escaped from prison and he told the police about the calls.

He testified that he was introduced to Idris by a Mr Wankumbu who gave him Idris’s number, a Cell Z number.

Tembo highlighted from the Zain print out the calls Mohan made to 0955 numbers and said he did not see any number ending with 32.

And in cross-examination by Mumba Kapumpa, Tembo said police wrote several statements and he remembered signing the first and last statements.
Trial continues.

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