Lusaka magistrate issues bench warrant of Miles Nsampa’s Buseko market thug Heita Bwalya

The Lusaka Magistrate court on Monday issued a bench warrant against PF Matero constituency youth chairman Heita Bwalya after he failed to appear in the case in which he has been sued by Buseko Timber and Grass Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

Bwalya, who many in Matero regard as Commerc,e Trade and Industry deputy minister Miles Sampa’s “lapdog” has on several occasions failed to appear before the court in the matter he has been sued for criminal trespass, arson , theft and malicious damage  to properties belonging to the society and has on several occasions failed to appear before the court, prompting magistrate Joshua Banda to issue a bench warrant.

The seemingly powerful PF cadre for Matero constituency was arrested in 2013 but since then, has failed  to appear before the court, mainly on account of the backing from Sampa.

“If you recall, when he was arrested, Miles ensured that he was released. Just after the arrest, Miles bailed him out of the cells and encouraged him to disregard the law on account of him being the President’s nephew,” a PF source said.

Heita Bwalya has been behind the heinous attacks on innocent residents of the constituency, starting with the brutal beating of worshipers at the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) where leaders of civil society organization had gathered to press the government to release the draft constitution.

The worshipers were made to abandon their meeting as some clergymen like Bishop John Mambo was seriously beaten.

In the recent week, Buseko market, situated in Matero constituency has been on fire following the moves by PF led by Bwalya to grab levies from marketers.

The levies are supposed to be paid to the council and not be PF.


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