Lusaka man names his dog ‘Michael Sata’

A Lusaka man of Asian origin in Nyumba Yanga next to Nyumba Yanga Basic School  has named his dog after president Michael Sata. A source told a  Zambianstar reporter that a worker of the said businessman this week took up courage and decided to consult before he asked his boss for naming his dog after president Michael Sata.

The man who this week visited the Lusaka Local court ‘BOMA’ unnamed court Marshal wondered if it was right for his boss to name an animal after the President of Zambia. ‘My boss soon after President Sata won the elections he changed his dogs name to Michael Sata because he does not like our President reasons known to himself’ he said. The man said he could no long tolerate his boss’ negative behavior of talking ill about the President.

‘When you report late for work he tells you to report to the dog sometimes if you have not understood what he is instructing you to do he would tell you to ask his dog ‘Michael Sata’, saying because he is your president so he will repeat what I said whilst pointing at the dog, honestly how does a normal person report to the dog, what can you tell the dog? He complained.

Firstly before he could summon his boss the man suggested that the marshal should arrange for the police to go and see the said boss or visit him without letting him know that they intend to establish the truth about the named dog and his hate for the President of Zambia. He said this man had never said anything good or used good words to describe the president he always used disgusting language whenever he talked of the President.

The unnamed man said he was ready to lose his job but will ensure that the ‘Indian’ man stopped using bad language towards the Sata because the President was a person that deserved to be respected by all people. ‘I would want to see this Indian man disciplined a Zambian cannot go in a foreign country and starting insulting people or name an animal after a president, this is uncalled for’ she said. ‘The president deserves to be respected if someone has issues they have to go and tell him than insulting workers because they are governed by a man he is not happy with’ said the man. He said it was said that some foreigners have taken advantage of the Zambian people who work for them because they look at them to be worthless people that could not live without their help.

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