Lusaka mayor refuses to pay restaurant bill

Lusaka mayor refuses to pay restaurant bill

Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa has refused to pay a bill of K700 after filling his stomach at Roan and Sable restaurant.

The Lusaka mayor only realised that service has become poor at the restaurant After finishing the food and wine and upon being handed the bill.

Instead of just paying, he decided to write a memo to the manager giving conditions that he will only pay the bill after a month and if the service at the restaurant improves.

So now if you are not happy with the service in a restaurant, eat the food then walk out???

Last week, one senior PF member and copper thief verbally abused hotel stuff on the Copperbelt When his credit card failed to work at a speed point.

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  • comment-avatar
    mumba 2 weeks ago

    sure mwebantu y re u jst busy denouncing other pipo’s names plz mind yo life this cant be a true story we are abusing media pa media tepakulanda ifyabupuba pabanenu

  • comment-avatar
    MILES SAMPA 2 weeks ago

    atase imwe bantu the waiter is my girlfriend she stole my wallet and phone at a brothel so my revenge is to pass on the bill a gave her k5 for sex and she refused that’s why she took my wallet and phone

  • comment-avatar
    RUPIAH BANDA 2 weeks ago

    iwe chipuba nanga ni restaurant yanyoko lipila chabe siya anyoko wanyopolo then what atase

  • comment-avatar

    okay even me he refused to pay that’s why I have been given this name I blame him

  • comment-avatar
    james Bond007 2 weeks ago

    Ba Sampa. If it’s true then yu’re a letdown. So disappointing.

  • comment-avatar
    benson kachangalika 2 weeks ago

    I hope this is fake news but if it is true, then the mayor has disappointed me. I have a lot of respect for this young man and I am not ashamed to reveal here that I am one of those who voted for him. Certainly, I didn’t expect him to behave the way he did, if at all that’s what he did. Honestly, how can you go in a restaurant, eat and fill your stomach, then you say you can’t pay because the service was poor? That’s doesn’t make sense. Please mayor, restore my trust in you. Go and pay the K700 you incurred at this restaurant. You will lose nothing.

  • comment-avatar
    Neymor 2 weeks ago

    And this is the man people voted?

  • comment-avatar
    The Eye 2 weeks ago

    Total rubbish! Anyway, such is the poor leadership we have in this country. People bent on throwing their weight around for absolutely nothing.

  • comment-avatar
    FuManchu 2 weeks ago

    Childish, settle the bill first then ask for the manager to make your grievance! Could be that the Mayor realized he had no cash at hand to pay he simply could have the manager on his own recognition to settle later! But wisdom of respect for office does not come easy to everyone!

  • comment-avatar
    Yangu 2 weeks ago

    Was he denied bevula?