Lusaka mayor Sampa says he has a lot of mansions

Lusaka mayor Sampa says he has a lot of mansions

* I have a lot of mansions but Max Chongu is still renting and doesn’t know where June rent will come from
* News Diggers Editor Joseph Mwenda has only a grade 12 certificate; he needs to go to school

~*Article has 3000 words just to do justice on the topic once and for all. You need about 4 munites to read it to the end.~

My Advisors asked me not to respond to Max front page headline against me in the Opposition Maast Newspaper. I am here and he is there. Ama Levels they said.

Put simply, when I was his age and working for a Bank at a senior level, I had already built 2 big houses. I became a landlord. Max is still paying rent and does not even know who will pay his rent next month. Thats the simplified difference.

I however insist on responding to him and other elks. They seem to get that anatomic human “electrical” excitement each time they say something negative about Miles Sampa. And more so after zooking imported Whiskey at Grandad after which he drinks two bottles of Kanyagi, a new Lusaka production drink.

Seems to me when Max screams ” Miles Sampa is Useless”. His body reacts to his satsifaction and does not have to go to the proverbial Mayela pub in Kalingalinga. Seriously. How else can I explain his obbsession to say negative and insult Miles Sampa every day even where there is no reason to.

Guess his body demands are uncontrollable needs in most cases. So he has to keep mentioning “Miles Sampa” in the negative to ignite his body reaction.

This guy actually sent me a text last week Friday threatening me ” I will beat you up” lol. I did not even bother to report him to the Police for threatening violence. No point. First of all, how does he think he would manage to do that? Lol

When I was younger, I would have quickly hired my buddies to locate him instead.

Guess he has quickly forgotten pictorial evidence that where I grew up, we picked up how to protect ourselves……….
” By Any Means Necessary” (Malcolm X).

Through Max, I want to address all “Apostles of Hate” , all of them, once and for all. After this article, I promise to my advisors and the majority that genuinely love me and appreciate me as I am that I will never answer these haters again no matter how much they provoke me.
Just incase they attack me from a point of ignorance, I thought I remind them or alert about one or two things about me.

To be honest, I actually have no idea why they hate on me but such have always been part of my story where I have registered some success. Haters and other “Dr Negativity” about me, have always ended up propelling me to success in the past.
Those in opposition will hate on me for obvious reasons. They dont want me and LCC to perform in Lusaka because if we perform, we will push even higher the probability of His Excellency the President winning in 2021. So they have to do their job and try to puncnture my work so we dont perform at LCC. Expect them to be negative even when I will score a “goal” in Lusaka.
These I understand; its their role to do so.

The ones who attack me from within PF buffor me and they unfairy do so from a point of not knowing how Councils work. Most think I can just give orders give so and so a plot of a job.
I am told some are upset with me for “abandoning” them after they campaigned for me.
Its not true. I have not abandoned anyone. I am a very grateful person but when I have nothinflg to reward them with, what to do.

The whole debacle started when some ladt from Kasama went only jockly mocking Lusaka people “nachikumanya ba Mayor bampela plot ku Salama park”
Awe sure. Insults started when I was only about two months as Mayor and despite assuring them that it was a lie or “bad” joke on her part, some to date still belive it true. It can never be true because Salama park is a private owned land project and has nothing to do with the Council.

I found there is basically no more land left for allocation in Lusaka. I have not applied or been given a plot for myself, even to just build a toilet since I became Mayor as there is just no land to allocate anywhere.
The Houses and plots I have to my name are the same ones I bought from my pocket as a Banker many years before becoming a Mayor.

Some claim or expect me to help them worh cash for business. If I had, I would.
I get paid K20 pin a month as Mayor. Meantime my daily expenditure is atleast K3pin (daily) to the less privilaged that pile up at my office every day (over 30 different onese everyday).
When I hear a genuine need, I give them cash from my pocket saved over years for my self.

I was raised and enjoy being a generous person without sagregation. Some times I give only realise my wallet is empty and forgot to leave cash for my lunch needs at Pamzos matebeto nshima place. We would then have to go back to my bank to get more cash. All this is the truth. My secretary, driver and ADCs are part and parcel of thia daily occurence and they can testify. So give and take I spend about K60pin a month of my personal cash to help those in need. Dont forget I only earn K20 pin from LCC.
So the difference is from my pocket ( my other income sources before I became Mayor).
So for those within accusing me of not being helpful I dont what they mean. If I had, I would give them all. Just because I have not helped you yet, does not mean I won’t. If you have no patience, then that’s your problem not mine.

As for giving out Jobs, as a Mayor, I have No powers at LCC to hire or fire anyone. Its done by Mr Amos Musonda the Chairman of the Local Goverment Commision As Mayor, I am not told anything on Council staff transfers and Council staff hiring. I just see strangers arrive and atart working. So be aware that I am not in a position to give a job to anyone. I have zero powers to do so.

Reminds me of a Businessman who was good and nice to me before I became Mayor. After I am Mayor, he haa flipped on me.
He called and blasted me:
” I spent alot of Money during your campaign, I am not even suppose to apply for that Council tender, you are just supposed to give me”
Mmmm Chaba shani. What to do. Clearly he knows not that I have no such powers.
I am neither in Procurement Committee nor do I officially get involved in the tender awarding process. Thats how I found it. The Mayor has zero powers.

Meanwhile back to Max alone.

When I was in grade 1, I remember our teacher brought two unoppened tins of beans. She hit them the two together while hanging on a threat and there was minimal noise as the tins had contents.
Then she exhibited two opened cans hanged to a thread and had no contents. She the hit the two cans together and there was so much noise.

Then she said ” we have just proved” that “Empty Tins Make Alot of Noise”.
” So dont find your self on the Monitor list of Noise Makers” . Thereon, I was never on the list of Noise Makers in class until I finished school.

Max is a noise maker that reminds me of my grade 1 teacher phrase ” Empty Tins Make Alot of Noise”
He has no beans in his brain and thats why it lies in his loud mouth.

Also while growing up in Matero, I observed how Agrican breed Mongrels from our neighbour’s house would chase after a moving car while barking loudly.
If and when the driver decided to stop, the Mongrel would also stop barking and retreat. As soon as the car starts moving again, the Mongrel would charge, bark even louder and start chasing the car again.
I guess in Max’ world, I am that moving car.

When I moved to Kabulonga later in life, I discovered that unlike Mongrels, muzungu breeds like Germany Sherpard, Boar Bull, Rotweiller etc, do not chase and bark towards moving cars.
They are too proud of their value to do that.

This hired mercenary against me was hired even during the Mayoral PF adoption process last year.
Instead of marketing his prefered candidate Mulenga Sata as he so stated, he was busy attacking another candidate Miles Sampa.

First of all, Max claims he has been in PF since inception in 2001.
In that period, leaders have come and leaders have gone but this Max has never been appointed for anything. Why? I think its because of his dirty talk. His peers have been appointed DCs and as 1st secretaries in the many embassies abroad in the same period. The difference, his peers are respectiful of leadership. Who has this boy not attacked in PF?

Political parties are like a millitary army. Protocal is paramount. There is no way a corporal can talk to and abuse a Colonel.

Max is at best a Chongwe Constituency PF official (deputy vice chakuti same as coporal) but he stands up to ‘insult’ or ‘advise’ PF members of the Central Committee (Colonels & Generals ). Shocking indicipline.

Even me as a ka Mayor I am at I report to the Lusaka District Chairman. So we can say that I am a sergent in PF and he is a Coporal who cannot scream at his superior in ranking.

He claims to be an “Advisor” but based on what CV or experience?

He reminds me of me of my encounter the late President Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) in 2013.
In my deputy Minister status when I knew zero on how Presidents operate:
I ” stormed” his office at Statehouse then and in my naivity, I started saying;

” Sir you should fire so and so Minister. He does not know what he is doing. This Minister is making your government look bad. I am only *Advising you “.

President Sata then got annoyed and interjected;

“Mr Miles, get out of my office now. Kuti wapela Advice umuntu ushikwipwishe. Who are you? Geeet out”

(Get out. You can not give me Advice (in my job) when I have not asked you for it) 😀. Literally. I laugh at myself when I look back to that incident. He taught me that lesson thereon of knowing and keeping to my lane especially towards those senior than me.

So when I hear Max and other calibre saying ” Miles I am giving you advice”.
Lol Dude. No thank you Sir. As Sata boloked me. “Takwaba ukupela advice ngatabakwipwishe”. (Dont give advice when you have not been asked to-especially if one you volunteering to give is more qualified and has more experience than you-

Thats Max. Its not only to me. He is in the habit of “giving” advice to ALL PF “army” who are highly ranked officers (Mayors, Ministers, MCCs etc) where he has not been asked.

The day I will hear this guy has been appointed for anything, I will drink another pack of Chibuku and for the first time in my life, a bottle of the “drink” Max loves as a gesture of happiness for him as in ” Finally”.

I am actually hearing rumous that he is being considered for a ka promotion.
Goodluck on that Max.
I promise “Lusaka famous drink” for the first time out of happiness if your appoitment comes true after eluding you for 17 years despite the yapping.

Get that appointment Max and only your mouth can spoil that process. See if you can Shut up. Thats my advice. You will thank me for this advice one day.

By now anyone “Who is Who” already knows of you and your abilities (if any😁). Only if you shut up will the probability of ka appointment come true. Thats my own thinking but also so my dream chance of ever tasting that Koyagi Lusaka drink you love taking daily 😁.

I will however not be suprised if within months same appointment is reversed due to his mouth diarhoehea.

During the adoption process, the more he was given cash to satisfy his (for pose but cant afford & still renting) taste for expensive Glenfidish Whiskey, the more he over insulted and over decampained Miles Sampa.

In the end God and PF MCCs saw a victim of malice in Miles Sampa and as was well summarised one MCC during the adoption meeting,

” Why out 33 applicants, everyone is only attacking Miles Sampa? Then he must be the only one ripe for this job. Lets adopt him”
Thats how I was given an adoption certificate. So thanks to Max, without his malicious attacks on me, maybe I would have not been ever noticed by the MCCs.

So this chap is bitter from then, the adoption process. He will never see anything I do as Mayor.
Not that I care what him and his likes think of how I operate.

My work approach is that of thinking and executing “outside the box”.
“Business as Usual” approach will not create jobs in Lusaka. Its extra ordinary action that will bring economic results in the City.

My Chibuku pic alone has already increased sales for the opaque beer and can only result in incread production and thereon more new jobs.

Now such economic analysis is beyond Max CV which has several blank pages esspecially on the Education page. Too many Fails or ‘F’s

Its not my duty to force him and those supporting him to think “Outside the Box”

For avoidance of doubt to Max and his sponsors on my ability to think critically and ability to act “Outside the Box” to get the results I wish,
here is an exerpt from my CV on my education.
Max should produce his education CV so we see who has exhibited a past of thinking above average and has also advanced exposure in the World of critical thinking.

Miles Bwalya Emmanuel Sampa Education (outside the Box) CV

– Matero primary school graduate 1986

– Namwianga secondary Christian school graduate 1989 (* Best Grade 12 results graduate)

– Kiev Institute, Ukraine (Rusia-USSR). 1991. Russian Language (Government Scholaship award*)

– University of Zambia graduate 1996 ( Agricultural Economics)

-UK Banking institute. ACIOB. 1999. (Law Related to Banking Course)

– International FOREX, Money market & Bond market Dealer Certificate. ACI. 2001. (Certified Qualified International Finanacial Products Trader)

– Milpark Business School, SA 2006 ( Master in Business Administration, MBA. *Best Strategic Management graduate)

– Harvard University, USA. Kennedy School of Government. 2013. Graduate in Executive Certificate in Mangement & Leadership. ( Harvard University is 2nd *Best University in the World in most years last 20 years)

– Oxford University UK. 2015. Graduate in Executive Management & Leadership Certificate.* Best Debator Award. ( Oxford University is officially Ranked the 2019 *Best University in the World).

Wont even bother to show Max My Experience part of my CV. Its too long. Suffice to say for his and others ‘New kids on the block’ that know zero about me that I have plenty diverse experience. I worked before as a :

– Farm Manager
Banker- Manager to Executive Director
– MP for Matero, a City within a City.
-Lusaka Provincial Minister
– Southern Provincial Minister
-Deputy Minister of Finance,
-Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry.
-Mayor of the Greater City of Lusaka

So Max. As regard education, I have been exposed and interacted before with some of the greatest thinkers in World. They taught me not to be lazy to use my God given Brain, but to aways strech it to Think and Operate ” Outside the Box”

I know the Usual suspects will feel offended here and be like “He is showing off that he is educated. He has no respect for the uneducated ” Lol. Government provides free education now and so those who don’t have it can go back to school for free.

Only lazy people like Max dont want to take advantage of the Government gesture and go back to school.

Even likes of Mr Joseph Mwenda editor of the News Diggers Newspaper can also take advantage of the mashrooming universities in Lusaka and improve on his Chikankata secondary credentials. Maybe after advancing his education further, just maybe, he too can then understand me better.

I have revealed my education so status so that all those other doubting Thomas about my kind of “thinking ” in my work, can understand where I got it from, good schools)

Only someone who passed at school can be able to appreciate my Chibuku pic and also notice on the pic that it was a deliberate pose to market a Lusaka product and create jobs. Without success in school, Max cannot figure out that the pic, taken by my Driver, shows that the open side of the Chibuku box was up and the closed side on my lips. So people who have the ability to use their God given brains can see that I was not drinking the shake shake in reality.

Tell Max that it’s not too late. He can enrol for Night School and after he graduates, maybe then we can think and reason at the same wave length.

Maybe only then, will he feel fee to join me in the world of thinking and acting “Outside the Box”

For Max sake and those not in the know, my beginning as MP of Matero in 2011 was very acrimonious for some reason I could not understand. There was even a protests by Matero PF officials to State House against me. Late President Sata (MHSRIP) refused to see these Matero protesters.

Fast forward, by the time I left Matero, I had been voted as the best MP and Most Hardworking MP entire Country (Zambia Daily Mail, 2013). Maje apa, Matero resident come to my office to ask me to go back to Matero as their MP in 2021. They miss me because of my work record there. I miss them too.

With that background, I am not surprised that my start at Mayor has also been acrimonious. It takes a bit of time to understand me, that I am a very good caring and loving person to ALL ( What I just don’t take is nonsense from ungrateful mercenaries like Max and others).

Just so my Matero story told above is realised, I am hoping somebody like Max can get tu cash from their sponsors and organise a ka protest to Statehouse against me (no idea about what. Maybe for using idioms beyond his capacity) as was done in 2011 when I was new as Matero MP. Their reason or complaint then was that I did not what I was doing as MP. They are the same people kneeling to me to go back to Matero as MP in 2021.Lol.

If the protest does happen (I am hopeful), then I will know that I am guaranteed a perfect Dejavu of the Matero success story.

With my Matero MP experience and story told above, We all can therefore safely deduce that given the undue acrimony in my first few months as Mayor, it means I will perform exemplary as Mayor aswell. I will then be missed affectionately after I leave as Mayor office.

Some will come kneeling asking me to come back and stand as Mayor again.

I will refuse. It’s a stressful and thankless Job.

My dream is to age peacefully after I turn 50.

Bu Mayor: Takwaba kuwamia.

In 2012 when I was MP for Matero, after undue attacks on me, I and my parliamentary assistant Jairos coined a phrase and put stickers on one of my Spacio operations car stating ” Odi Apo: Tubombeka ”

This phrase later transformed to the now famous ” Sela Tubombeko”.

For now and before I retire, Max and your other negatively minded Apostles (male & female) and constantly Hating on Miles Bwalya Sampa without any tangible objective reason to do so, please:


” Seleni Tubombeko”

When you start thinking Objectively: my doors are open. Mukatusanga.

Be assured however that;

” With or Without YOU (ba male or ba female Dr Negativity) : ifwe TWALABOMBA”

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