Lusaka, Ndola road construction fraud must be stopped

Lusaka, Ndola road construction fraud must be stopped

The Lusaka-Dual Carriage way will not be 812km it’s 321km and cannot cost beyond $500million

“We might go Court as engineers to stop this plunder of the century. We cannot allow massive theft masked as development to take place”

Engineers that have beeen privy to detailed designs of the Lusaka-Ndola carriage way have called for a public discussion on the huge cost totaling $1.2billion of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage way

“We have to expose and dismiss Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Hon. Chitotela explanation on ZNBC Sunday interview. First he single-sourced the project! How do you single source the country’s biggest construction project?” They asked.

The engineers who are senior members of the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) insist that government is building a 321km dual road and not the purported 812km road.

“First of all, we already have a road with two lanes from Lusaka to Ndola. This road will be turned to become the other part of dual carriage way with minor repairs. The designs show that a new two-lanes road is being constructed alongside the existing high-way”.

He also dismissed the information that government will build 321kmX2 totaling 642km.

“Let Chitotela or RDA inform us what they will do with the existing two lane road with fairly a good long lifespan?” They asked. ” we have seen the designs and they show that rehabilitation works will be done on the existing road as they build the next two lane”

“It’s not a virgin construction where they will build two lane x two double lanes from both sides. The designs show a new road alongside the old one there by making it dual carriage as the current road will be the first two lanes and the new construction will be the second two lanes thereby making it a dual carriage-way”

“If Chitotela wishes to abandon the current two-lane road with fairly long span, let him tell us why a government without money would waste such a durable asset?” They said.

“This theft will not be allowed. We are considering a court action as patriotic Zambians, we cannot allow such huge plunder happening before our own eyes”

” we have also noted the lie where this huge corruption is being hidden in costs associated with road furniture and toll plazas. You must be aware that these form some of the lowest costs in road construction as they are merely auxiliary to the project. Let them enumerate the cost of these auxiliary costs”.

“There is a construction of a small bridge at Mulungushi University. Our question would be why would government build 3 filling/service station and hotels along the road? What madness is this?

“Where does government build gas stations or hotels on a busy road ? If there is need for such facilities the private sector will be motivated by business needs and put up such facilities. We will not allow theft to be masked as development”

Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Chitotela gave the following summary on ZNBC TV Sunday interview!

Below is the summary explanation.

The Lusaka Ndola road is dual carriage. It’s 321km to Ndola from Lusaka and is the same from Ndola to Lusaka therefore 642km.

It is 45km from Masangano turn off to Luanshya roundabout, it’s the same from Luanshya roundabout to Masangano. Therefore 90km.

Kabwe by pass will b 20km by 2, therefore 40Km.

Kapiri Mposhi by pass will b 20km by 2, therefore 40km also.

Total Km….812.


Bridge at Mulungushi University, Toll plazas, Transit Hotels, Service stations, Weigh bridge, Office space for RDA etc.

The cost is off course$1.2bn to b repaid over a period of 17years.

Govt estimation is that by the 17th year, the road wud hv raised $3.5bn.

Therefore, $2.3bn in profits to plough into other roads and related infrastructure.

This project is a legacy project that will earn a chapter for ECL and PF in the chronicles of Zambia.

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