Lusaka PF cadres vote in Mulobezi as some are beaten

PF cadres allegedly ferried to Mulobezi constituency in Western Province from Lusaka to vote for PF candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda have been beaten by Mulobezi residents but some of them have already voted.
Sources in Mulobezi have disclosed that Mulasikwanda took over 500 PF cadres from Lusaka and distributed them to three wards namely Sichili, Machile and Mulobezi.
The matter has been reported to the police but so far no arrests have been made but instead police rushed to Mulobezi in an attempt to help the PF cadres to vote.
In Sichili a PF cadre of Simulubwa village called Nyambe Towa escorted the first six PF cadres from Lusaka to cast their votes but were ‘detained’ after it was discovered that they are not residents of Sichili.
Later on ECZ official and Council employee Ireen Mubila allowed them to vote claiming that their names appeared in Sichili polling register but some residents of Mulobezi insisted that their (PF cadres) voters cards bear different residential addresses from Lusaka.

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