Lusaka PF wants Msanzala ballots printed locally

printing of ballot papers abroad by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ is retrogressive to the creation of jobs for Zambians.
PF Provincial Vice Information and Publicity Secretary (IPS) Clement Katongo described the scenario of printing Msanzala by elections ballot papers abroad as retrogressive.
Mr. Katongo said the more ECZ continues spending money outside the country the more jobs will be created for citizens of those countries and not Zambians.
Mr. Katongo said if ballot papers were to be printed in Zambia, more employment opportunities would be created and that government printers and other private printer would also be improved.
He advised ECZ and other institutions in this country to start using local means available in the country and minimize overdependence on other countries to offer services.
He said this in a statement made available to ZANIS.
Mr. Katongo’s comments follows an indication by the ECZ that the Msanzala Parliamentary by-elections ballot papers will be printed in South Africa.
The commission indicated that Government Printers was not able to meet its requirements and specifications for printing of ballot papers.
Mr. Katongo said, “PF in Lusaka Province would like to see a situation where each institution is opening up job opportunities and be part of the employment creation desired in the country by making sure that things are done in the country rather than abroad.”
He explained that if the country keeps on spending money abroad on ballot papers, it will only remain with useless used papers at the end of the exercise.
He however pointed out that if money is spent at Government Printers or any other printing company within the country more jobs will be created as money will be used within the country.

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