Lusaka police boss under ‘attack’ for arresting robbers

Lusaka police boss under ‘attack’ for arresting robbers

Why is Lusaka province police commanding officer Nelson Phiri under so much attack from PF officials and it’s agents? Two weeks ago, it was Paul Moonga insulting and giving orders to officer Phiri and calling for his sacking? Why ?

Look what Davies Mwila is saying here through Chilufya Tayali and then compare what the Watchdog wrote last week about these robbers who include Mwila’s body guard.

PF boss Mwila’s bodyguard arrested for aggravated robbery

RULING Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General David Mwila’s body guard has been arrested by police for aggravated robbery involving a refrigerated truck loaded with Sea Food.

The body guard identified as George Kalemba has been arrested with two others for hijacking a truck at gunpoint a week ago.

President Edgar Lungu is annoyed with Lusaka division police commissioner and his officers for attempting to silence the matter.

The President has since directed the police to pursue the case to its logical conclusion through the court’s of law. One of the co-accused is Gift Kasaro who once aspired as PF Mayoral candidate for Lusaka.

Two police officers from kabwata police station Chiluba and Mwansa have also been arrested for allegedly receiving bribes amounting to K25,000 each from the accused as inducement to conceal and silence the case.

The stolen truck belonged to a Congolese trader based in Zambia.

According to investigative sources, Kalemba and his co-accused waylayed the refrigerated truck in the night and later took it to a Chinese businessman along Great East Road in Lusaka where they sold the sea food and the truck. The Chinese buyer has been identified as Mr Jhunta.
Upon delivering the truck and it’s content the accused were paid K400,000 cash with the remaining balance of K800,000 to be paid after a week.

The deal was however busted before the whole payment was finalised.
The trail led the police to the Chinese businessman’s residence where the sea food and truck were recovered.
The Chinese businessmen led the police to Kalemba and his colleagues who were all arrested.
But two days later Kabwata police on instructions from their superiors released all the accused much to the shock of the complaint.
“We were all shocked because aggravated robbery is a most serious offence. People can’t just walk free like that”, the source said.
The accused were however re-arrested a day later after President Lungu heard about thr inciden.6BCDBF47-FC55-43A6-BA22-334D610B6276

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