Lusaka police commander says UPND won’t intimidate her

Lusaka police commander says UPND won’t intimidate her

Charity Katanga

Lusaka province police Commissioner Charity Katanga says the opposition UPND will not succeed in intimidating her or the police.

And Katanga says she did not order the police to beat up peaceful protesters last week.

Katanga was quoted by Radio Phoenix early Monday saying she only ordered the police to apprehend the protesters but that when she got to the scene, she found the police beating the protesters. She said that it was her who stopped the beatings.

Katanga however maintained that the police were in order to stop the protest because the protesters had no police permit. She said the protest was going to be contemptuous as the reason for the protests was a matter still in court.

She said had the UPND been allowed to protest, other people would have reacted and thereby causing confusion.

She wondered why the UPND likes intimidating the police. She accused the UPND of issuing threats to the police even before they applied for the permit.

She explained that former UPND Siavonga MP Douglas Siakalima warned that Zambia will be ungovernable even before the protest took place.

She said the UPND will not manage to intimidate her just because she is a female police officer. She further wondered why the UPND wants to sue her in her personal capacity when she was acting on behalf of the government.

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