Lusaka residents besiege Zesco Hq for pre-paid electricity as L/stone plunged in darkness

Thousands of Lusaka residents are currently causing commotion at Lusaka’s Zesco headquarters attempting to buy pre-paid electricity.

And Livingstone residents are currently reporting of being plunged in darkness in many parts of the town.

The problem in follows the break-down of the pre-paid system in all other selling points in the capital city.

People currently at the scene are reporting of a near stamped at the place as the Armcor security personnel have failed to handle the number the stranded residents in queues.

Zesco are not explaining the cause of the break-down that has taken people by surprise.

Of late, people have also complained of increased load-shedding in the city, despite promises from Zesco that their would be less power-interruption after completion of works on generators at Kariba North Bank power station.

In Livingstone, residents are also complaining of increased load-load-sheding in the tourist capital due to host the United Nations World Tourism Assembly later this year.

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