Lusaka residents flocking to have their manhoods, hips increased by witchdoctors

An large number of love makers in Lusaka are trooping into tents of foreign traditional healers to seek manhood and hip enlargement concoctions, according to the Sunday Times of Zambia.
A Sunday Times team visited several makeshift shelters in some townships, as well as Soweto Market where a good number of men and women were acquiring herbs to improve their physical outlook and sex prowess in bed.
There is apparently a surge in the number of foreign traditional doctors offering sex enhancement herbs as well as improving the hips in women and manhood in men.
Although this has caused a rift with their local counterparts, the foreign healers appear to be a blessing to some Zambians who are keen to better their sex life.

Lukiya Salome from Zanzibar Island claimed that she was able to enlarge the manhood regardless of one’s age, and fix broken relationships, among other problems that she allegedly solved.
Another foreigner only identified as ‘Doctor’ Kalipo from Malawi said his herbs were so good that they were able to sustain a strong manhood when making love.
While men were found lining up for penis enlargement at one of the shelters in Soweto, women had been seeking herbs that could enlarge either their breasts or hips.
“I’m trying this out of curiosity and I am not sure whether it is working,” said one of the men found at the shelter who asked not to be named. “I have been told that ‘doctors’ from Malawi are really good at penis enlargement.”
Interestingly, the Sunday Times survey also revealed that even pastors from different churches were seeking help from traditional healers to attract membership.
‘Doctor’ Yesaya from Chadiza District, Eastern Province, operating on Church Road in Lusaka, said many pastors had visited him seeking help with herbs that could attract more church members.
“Some pastors use some charm we call Chikoka which is used to attract people to their churches and also make their sermons seem interesting,” ‘Doctor’ Yesaya said.
Many people, including pastors and other church elders who wanted to increase the number of people attending their church services have fallen prey to these foreign healers.
Traditional Health Association Zambia (THPAZ) president Rodwell Vongo called on the Government to regulate the number of foreign traditional healers in order to bring sanity in the country.
Dr Vongo said it was unfortunate that many of the foreign traditional healers were parading on the streets and even advertising issues that were meant for the bedroom.
He condemned traditional healers who advertised matters concerning sex enhancement in newspapers because young people had access to them.
Dr Vongo said many foreign traditional leaders were crooks who had swindled Zambians out of a lot of money.
He urged the Government to create a traditional healers bill that could ensure that foreign traditional healers were cleared by THPAZ.
Immigration public relations officer Namati Nshinka warned of stern action against those violating immigration laws.


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