Lusaka runs out of fuel

10172760_915741548476596_1862195725845657822_n 10422517_915741595143258_56704932715900953_n 11032517_915741578476593_2069809532838551240_nFuel shortage in Zambia has spread to the capital city, Lusaka. Motorists were forced to queue for the commodity Monday evening at various depots which had a bit of fuel.

But government says there is plenty of fuel in Zambia.
The minister of energy Chritstopher Yaluma said:
“I want to assure the country that the stocks of fuel are enough. In Lusaka, there are 300,000 litres of fuel while in Ndola we have 1.6 million litres of fuel.”
Yaluma said that a total of 11 trucks of fuel are offloading in Lusaka while 81 trucks have been dispatched from Dar es Salam in Tanzania.
He blamed Oil Marketing Companies for the shortage.

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