Lusaka shop owners irked by Satas decision to back street vendors

Some Lusaka shop owners have expressed disappointment at president’ Sata decision to back street vendors.

Business owners talked to  said the move was unrealistic and unhealthy for Zambia’s economy.

Fine fashion centre director, Yakesh Patel said, the move would frustrate businesses of those that owned shops.

“We pay tax and the street vendors don’t. I don’t know why the president would support such. We are even thinking of cutting down one shop. The move is bad for the business,” Yakesh Patel said.

He further added that street vending made the streets dirty and congested.

Meanwhile, the street vendors have expressed happiness on Satas move saying, this will put more money in their pockets.

Sata ordered councils countrywide to let street vendors and those operating car wash points to run their businesses without being chased saying  chasing vendors would make PF unpopular.

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