Lusaka Stock Exchange goes real-time

Real-time data from Zambia’s Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) today started to go online, increasing equity trading opportunities for LuSE’s local and global clients. The New York-based company Thomson Reuters today announced it had already installed the needed technology in the Zambian capital and “commenced feeds of real-time data from the Lusaka Stock Exchange.”

The introduction of real-time market data for investors and traders at LuSE now includes the bid and ask price, volumes, market depth, latest trades and related information on equities, according to the company.

Until now, the LuSE market data provided by the same company was updated once a day, after market close. Now, investment professionals throughout the world can connect real-time to LuSE. “Effectively this means global investors who want to invest in Zambia now have enhanced accessibility to the Lusaka Stock Exchange’s data, thereby reinforcing market transparency,” according to the US company.

“Zambia’s Stock Exchange is the latest African exchange that Thomson Reuters has switched to real-time data, following Kenya’s Nairobi Stock Exchange, the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Ghana Stock Exchange,” according to Africa specialist manager Busisa Jiya.

More than 20 securities are listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. LuSA is considered the second or third largest stock exchange in the Southern African region as measured by market capitalisation. South Africa is the leading one, with the Angolan stock exchange – in the process of being established – is sailing up as number two.

LuSE was founded in 1993, first as an initiative drifted by the UN’s development agency UNDP and the Zambian government. The stock exchange is now drifted as a private company and is a member of the African Stock Exchanges Association.

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