Lusaka to have no power for five days

Lusaka to have no power for five days

12507336_1073601052690644_6876312298772188774_nZesco has announced that there will be no electricity in Lusaka province and surrounding areas for five days continuously.
According to a shut down notice issued by Zesco, the blackout will start on 13th January and continue until 18th January 2016.
Zesco says this will be in order to facilitate some maintenance works on some transformers.

This has never happened before, not even in colonial times.
These are just basic, direct results of having mediocre, visionless leaders.

Despite this, there will be no improvement in load shedding after this period of darkness.

Zesco can not even explain the benefits to be expected after this trauma, most likely because there are none. ‘Upgrade of protection system’? Protecting what from what?

Just imagine how the remaining small businesses will suffer during this period!

There must be something big going on. This is not about transformers. It seems this is to compensate for the power that Zesco supplied during the festive season without serous interruption.


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