Lusaka Water and Sewerage confirm water contamination

Lusaka Water and Sewerage confirm water contamination

Patson Phiri

Lusaka water and Sewerage Company – LWSC spokesperson Patson Phiri has urged the residents of Kaunda Square and Chamba valley areas not to consume the water being pumped into the area after threats of contamination following the mixing of water with sewer matters.

In a press statement Phiri confirms that the drinking water and sewer matters were mixed but that his company has been carrying out tests to clearly prove that there is no contamination. He said that the tests were done on Monday and Tuesday and proved negative but yet to do another test before the water can be certified fit for consumption.

The residents of the affected areas in the last week have been complaining of water contamination which was seen by the colour of the water, later some people started complaining of ailments but the company earlier denied the contamination until today when Phiri confirmed the contamination. They have threatened to sue the LWSC for negligence and subjecting them to a health hazard.

According to insiders, the contamination was as a result of the poor materials that were used in the pipes that carry both Sewer matters and water which burst and due to leaks on the water line.

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