Lusaka Water and Sewerage confirm water contamination

Patson Phiri

Lusaka water and Sewerage Company – LWSC spokesperson Patson Phiri has urged the residents of Kaunda Square and Chamba valley areas not to consume the water being pumped into the area after threats of contamination following the mixing of water with sewer matters.

In a press statement Phiri confirms that the drinking water and sewer matters were mixed but that his company has been carrying out tests to clearly prove that there is no contamination. He said that the tests were done on Monday and Tuesday and proved negative but yet to do another test before the water can be certified fit for consumption.

The residents of the affected areas in the last week have been complaining of water contamination which was seen by the colour of the water, later some people started complaining of ailments but the company earlier denied the contamination until today when Phiri confirmed the contamination. They have threatened to sue the LWSC for negligence and subjecting them to a health hazard.

According to insiders, the contamination was as a result of the poor materials that were used in the pipes that carry both Sewer matters and water which burst and due to leaks on the water line.


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  • Tembo Aaron Madalitso

  • Golden Chipeta Jr. Are we affected?????

  • Very very bad manners

  • If sata wz alive these guys could have out of office.M.H.S.R.I.P

  • Mufinda Chimembe

  • Kutumpa uku ba LWSC. How in the hell do you give people sewer water to drink sure!!!! And where is this munali MP???

  • vacitika ku Lusaka water sinasekelele, kambo bandigambya nebo, baligutunyenga basimubalambodo, maweeeeee ndabolomya nebooo!!!!

  • African politics

  • The safest water one can take at this hour is the borehole water beloved. Life in the cities is no longer favourable.

  • But if it was someone ones company nga na bakosapo to show fake impression ATI balebomba

  • Mwanwa sewer water too much laziness in government offices only Zambia we just seat and wait for our salaries.I think the president should look into this matter where government officials including civil servants just seat in there offices doing nothing.theory and Practical are two different things.we need practical work not just Word’s written Word’s at press briefing but they are not putting things into practice.Zambia will never develop

  • Yet they would rather build roads, mixed priorities

  • No one needs to carry a test for this obvious thing. We all know that Lusaka water is contaminated. Kanyama,Makeni villa, Chibolya,Garden to mention but a few places where water is contaminated with sewermatter.

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  • akunwenifye amafi ninshi yamikola te??

  • My stomach had turned. This is a serious injustice to anyone.

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  • Soon and very soon

  • Ati sad development kikiki ba muntu, drunk with m,,,,,,,,,ters

  • Yes better than nothing (pf) kikikiki mineral water

  • LWSCo is useless company.

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  • Drunk with matter!

  • So sad development!

  • This country. Mxxxm! Why do people in authority take things so lightly?

  • u stipd constructer Y such a thing did u tell pipo tht they’re is date in tht pip please take them to court one ye.six month no water they.icovinsing us in tht copund ban.them

  • you left something in this post, Lungu… please edit this post and add Edgar Lungu. how did you foget am supprised.

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  • abantu banwa ‘something’ kkkkkkkkk. This is what happens when you corruptly employ the unqualified leaving the suitably qualified languishing unemployed. Very soon we will hear of the same saga ku plot 1

  • This is testimony enough that we can’t trust any government department to do right by us… its a shame, with this level of irresponsibility one should not expect a professional service provision

  • next you will hear ati kwaisa investor wa chlorine