Lusaka water contaminated with feces

Feces in Kanyama, Matero, Kaunda Square water

AN ENVIRONMENTAL and water analysis in certain townships of Lusaka such as Kanyama, Kaunda Square, Matero, George and Bauleni has revealed it is contaminated with faecal matter.Zambia National Public Health Institute, working with water utilities and the local authorities, conducted the investigations.
“As we have been cautioning, this time of year is associated with food and water-borne diseases,” Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo said in a statement yesterday.
“Many of you may have heard the rumours of a typhoid outbreak in Lusaka. Environmental and water analysis reveals faecal contamination of some parts of Lusaka.”
Ms Masebo said the ministry has secured 6,000 bottles of liquid chlorine from Zambia Red Cross, which will be collected and distributed today.
The ministry will be having daily surveillance reporting on diarrhoeal cases as it was doing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Daily Mail

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