Lusambo can do whatever he wants – VJ

Veteran politician Vernon  Mwaanga says he  respects the rights of misinformed citizens like Bowman Lusambo who obviously did not read and understand his statement that was published on his Facebook page.

VJ was responding to Lusambo’s folly of reporting him to police for telling the opposition to guard the next elections as the PF can rig them especially during tallying.

Apparently the  advice by VJ has unsettled the government so much that they have to find a moron like Lusambo to sponsor and run to the police station. Lusambo was accompanied to the police station by some PF pastors.
But Mwaanga said:

“I will always respect the rights of even irresponsible, misguided, ill-informed and vindictive citizens like Bowman Lusambo and his cronies to swim in ignorance and ill motive. That is their sole purpose in life and it is the credit they have to their names,” said Mwaanga. “My statement is clear. They are free to do what they want because that is what it means to live in a democratic society which I fought for and for which I sacrificed so much so that freedom and justice for all may live. I know my rights too as a citizen of this great country and will exercise them in a mature and responsible manner.” 

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