Lusambo claims he has dossier on Kambwili

Lusambo claims he has dossier on Kambwili

MMD die hard thug but now PF minister for the Copperbelt Bowman Lusambo says Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili should stop behaving like a mad dog.

And Lusambo says if there are thieves in Zambia, Kambwili is one of them.
Speaking on Let the People Talk programme on Radio Phoenix on Friday , Lusambo pledged to release a detrimental dossier against Kambwili.

“We know information about Kambwili and very soon, just give me time; we’ll release Kambwili’s activities on the Copperbelt Province and the people of Zambia will judge now who is corrupt between Kambwili and the people he is accusing.

We want to ask him all the questions – how he managed to do the activities, which he is doing.

When you come to the Copperbelt today, the railway line between Ndola and Luanshya has been stripped and I have been asking this question to Kambwili; who participated in the stripping off of the railway line between Ndola and Luanshya [but] he has failed to answer that question and I’m still asking that question – who participated in the stripping off of the railway line between Ndola and Luanshya?”
Lusambo,one of the richest thieves in Zambia, asked.

“I was very disappointed yesterday (Thursday); what he was talking about…. he even said that he is just getting information from other people. But for me, I’m not going to get any information from other people about Kambwili; I know that information within myself and I’ll release it. I want Kambwili to deny the things which we’ll release; just now, I’m going to release Kambwili’s dossier because he can’t be behaving like a mad dog!”
He asked Zambians to start differentiating between leaders and jokers.
“Kambwili is just doing jokes; there is nothing that the people of Zambia can take seriously about Kambwili,” Lusambo trued to speak on behalf of Zambians.
He further called Kambwili, a former information minister and chief government spokesperson, a mere noisemaker.

“I can assure you that Kambwili is nothing but a noisemaker! Noisemakers are attention-seekers and Kambwili wants to attract attention of the people of Zambia but the people of Zambia know Kambwili of yesterday [and] they know Kambwili of today. And nga twalikwata bakabwalala muchalo (if we have thieves in this country), Kambwili is one of those thieves. I’m challenging Kambwili to tell the people of Zambia where the Ndola-Luanshya railway line has gone,” Lusambo said.
He also pointed out that while Kambwili was insisting that “he is as clean as Dr Kaunda’s handkerchief”, he had been in court “concerning bad activities on the Copperbelt and I can assure him that I know a lot about him.”
“Kambwili is just a human being like another person; he can’t boast that he is as clean as Dr Kaunda’s handkerchief. He is just fooling himself and he is an embarrassment to himself, to his soul and to his family. I want to assure Kambwili that he should not think that when people are quiet then they are afraid of him! We are not afraid of you, Kambwili, and the punch for punch which you have declared between you and His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, you are just wasting your time,” explained Lusambo.

Kambwili then phoned-in to refute some of Lusambo’s allegations.

“…The railway line that you’ve been talking about that ‘Kambwili stole the railway line’, when the railway line was stolen, I was living in England; I was not on the Copperbelt.

And the man who stole the railway line was taken to court and he was jailed! So, everything that they have is all trash; balifye mu pressure because abo abantu niba kabolala (they are just under pressure because those people are thieves)! Edgar Lungu afumya kwisa ulupiya (where has he gotten the money); K23 million in one year ushakwatapo business (when he doesn’t run any business)? These are the issues you should be answering, not ukuya pa radio ulebepesha umuntu uwakayele (unlike going live on radio to malign an innocent person),”
Kambwili said.
“That chap on the radio is a lunatic! Let me say this; where I come from, uwawa tabula akabepesho. Since that chap, Bowman Lusambo has got a dossier against me, I challenge him that I can pay for a radio programme for him this afternoon to read all the things…and go and report to the police, go to the Anti-Corruption Commission. I’m raising specific issues.

Lungu, before he became President, when he was just becoming MP, he declared that he had K800,000 worth of assets. Five years later, he declared K2.5 million worth of assets [and] after one year, he declared K23 million worth of assets. In his declaration as President, he never declared that he does business; his job was only minister and his job was President. If you put the allowances of the President [and] all his income [in one year], it can never come to K23 million. The question is where has he gotten the K21.5 million in one year?”
The former information minister on Thursday held a press briefing to denounce the government and exposing ways it was allegedly laundering money obtained from contracts.
He alleged that President Lungu was systematically involved “in all the corruption” currently emerging in the government.
“I have said and I want to repeat that I will not relent, I will not stop talking until the unprecedented theft and corruption that we have seen in this government comes to an end. I’m extremely disappointed that the Head of State, who is supposed to offer leadership, is the one to defend his ministers that people are plotting against his ministers by making unsubstantiated allegations. I still insist that this issue of the fire engines and the issue of the Ndola dual carriageway will never rest until a proper inquiry is done and people are brought to book. Nganine (if it were me), I would have even stopped appearing in public kunsoni (because of shame) but bakabolala balipama (thieves are insolent)…When you have a government which has bakabolala ababula insoni (which has shameless thieves)… the onus is on the people of Zambia to say enough is enough! You don’t have to wait for 2021 – you can tell them now that enough is enough,” Kambwili said.
He reminded President Lungu of what he said in the US about investigations into the US$42 million fire tender and that he didn’t know anything about the procurement of fire-fighting equipment.
“The question that you and I must ask ourselves is what has he done from the time that he came back from America that will show all the Zambians and the international community that he is serious about investigations into the issue of the fire tenders?” Kambwili asked.
“When he arrived at the airport the first thing was [to say] that ‘some people are plotting against my ministers and I’m the judge in this matter, both in government and in the party and it is only me who can decide whether to fire these ministers or not.’ And he says ‘be careful of people that are plotting against my ministers.’ Surely, one minute you say that I don’t know anything about this procurement [of 42 fire tenders but] the other minute you are defending your ministers that they are plotting against them! Just know mwebena Zambia that the man is involved; it is very clear and everybody can see that the President is involved in all the corruption that is happening.”
He further asked what sort of evidence the President was looking for to know that there was corruption under his superintendence.
“President Edgar Lungu knows Kaizar Zulu very well and [he] knows his financial standing before he appointed him as special assistant for politics. He should not pretend that today he doesn’t know that Kaizar Zulu owns a trademark in Dubai of bags and belts. He (President Lungu) knows that Kaizar Zulu today owns a trademark in Dubai; a shop where they sell things which are labelled with his name (Zulu’s). The President knows that Kaizar Zulu has bought a lot of property in Lusaka; the President knows that Amos Chanda has bought a lot of property in Lusaka. What more evidence is he asking for? The President knows that indeed [Steven] Kampyongo is in the custody of and he drives the three vehicles that I talked about…a white Toyota Hilux 2016 model, a black Range Rover 2017 model and a VX, which he was involved in an accident with on the Great North Road. What more evidence do you want, Mr President, for you to know that there is corruption?”

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