Lusambo orders police to arrest people buying more than one bag of Millie meal

Lusambo orders police to arrest people buying more than one bag of Millie meal

People are now being  arrested for buying milli meal mealie meal.

Lusaka province minister Bowman Lusambo ordering police to arrest youths he found buying Mille meal. He has accused the young people of causing food shortages but buying many bags of milli meal.

We can understand Lusambo’ s conduct because he is a semi illiterate thug so to him this is leadership.

It’s our trained police officers who surprise us, taking such foolish orders!

Even if there was a ‘cartel’ buying Millie meal to go and sell at higher prices, there is legally nothing wrong with that. We are a market economy. You buy things and sell for profit. There is no upper limit of bags you should buy as long as you can afford. It’s business. It would be wrong if you are buying to go and throw in the Kafue River.

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    danny mwaba 2 weeks ago

    But which normal police officer or detective will enforce that,but ba police twalasebana imiku iinga?ine teti,ama orders yabupuba

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    MWANKO 2 weeks ago

    Out dated UNIP type of governance. I wish U had adviced hon Katambo to introduce the growing of winter maize in high rainfall areas,pull up yo socks or else 2021 kuya bebele!

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    Shouldn’t law be taught to all Zambians in schools, we are not particularly doing well on this subject including those individuals charged to enforce it. A lot of ignorance is demonstrated by many. Only the other day an immigration officer asked me to show her my NRC, I told her while that may be convenient to show at any given time, they is no law requiring Zambian to carry it at all times. She started threatening me. Utter nonsense.