Lusambo says HH is roaming streets like a cockroach

Lusambo says HH is roaming streets like a cockroach

MMD die hard thug Bowman Lusambo writes????????. But don’t mind him, he said worse things about Michael Sata.


It is now becoming abundantly clear that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a desperate man and in his desperation for power, he will do anything to ascend to the presidency.

His latest press briefing this week at which he went to an extent of falsely declaring the hunger situation in the country a national disaster is a case in point.

Just to remind Hakainde incase he wants to pretend to have forgotten, Zambia already has a sitting President and this President is the custodian of the Republican Constitution and this Constitution allows ONLY him to make such declarations and today this President is His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces.

Hakainde is a man who thrives on negativity and his Doomsday Politics have reached very dangerous levels.

As a patriotic citizen and after thorough analysis, I have come to the conclusion that Hakainde’s declaration is tantamount to overthrowing a legitimately elected government. His declaration amounts to usurping power from a government that was popularly elected.

Hakainde should be reminded that as leader of an opposition party, he has no authority to declare anything on this nation. He lacks the required locus standi to make such a bold declaration on Zambia.

We are now left to wonder why Hakainde is so preoccupied with this issue. Admittedly, there are pockets of hunger in some parts of the country due to bad weather but in the same token, there is plenty of mealie meal available in every part of Zambia, from Lusaka to Dundumwezi, from Chongwe to vubwi, from Kasempa to Luanshya, our trading places are filled with bags of mealie meal and in those selected places where there is proven case of food insecurity after assessments are done, the DMMU have been responding to such effectively.

As a responsible leader that he is, President Lungu has admitted that there are indeed pockets of hunger in some parts of the country to which Government is adequately responding. President Lungu is very different from some so called political leaders who have failed to admit to their role in the privatization programme and the stripping of railway line on the Copperbelt.

It therefore beats logic as to why Hakainde wants to portray a picture that the entire country is starving when the situation is to the contrary.

As much as he wants to ride on national misfortunes such as drought to attempt to score political points, I should warn him that he should not stretch his luck. We respect his constitutional freedoms such as the Right to Movement and Association but he should be warned that as Lusaka Province Minister, i will not allow him to go round the Province playing mealie meal politics. Those ill conceived donations of mealie meal that he wants to be making should be done with no political malice.

When I decide to donate to my constituency in Kabushi, I do so with the full blessings of the people because, as their Representative, I am one of them but I am struggling to identify which people Hakainde purports to represent because he does not have any Constituency, least of all a ward. What Hakainde runs is merely a Cult and his cadres are simply cult followers.

I further wish to warn him to stop roaming around Lusaka Province like a cockroach in the Kitchen and give us space to attend to real developmental issues affecting our people.

My advice to Hakainde is, let him quickly adopt smart opposition politics and offer effective checks and balances before he becomes totally irrelevant to the political fabric of this nation.

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