Lusambo’s deputy fined for sexually abusing unemployed woman

bowman1Chipulukusu local Magistrate Agness Mulenga has fined Mr Chibwe, the protocol officer to Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo K15, 000 for sexually abusing a married woman.

Facts before the court were that on 15 occasions, Mr. Lusambo’s protocol officer sexually abused Mrs Ngwira in the cabinet office while promising her a job. It was also heard that Mr Chibwe did abuse Mrs Ngwira in different lodges on the Copperbelt.

If his assistants are abusing women like this in public offices, what more the MMD die hard thug himself? And in any case, who can control them when the main boss is busy leaping in the air and dancing with semi naked women whenever he has a chance.

United Party for National Development (UPND) national youth spokesperson Gilbert Liswaniso has described this incident as unfortunate.

Mr Liswaniso said women must be empowered with jobs and not be abused sexually as this is detrimental to the upholding of morals in the country.

He says it is unfortunate that women under the PF cannot genuinely be awarded jobs unless they are abused sexually a situation he further describes as unprofessional.

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