Lusambo’s impeccable imbecility

Lusambo’s impeccable imbecility


By Nkonkomalimba Kafunda

Laying in bed recovering from a particularly virulent strain of malaria Thursday afternoon, I had pleasant occasion, quite accidently, to listen to UPND Alliance leader Hakainde Hichilema on Ndola’s Radio Chengelo, in a syndicated special interview ahead of the Alliance’s official campaign launch on Saturday.
What came out most prominently from my perspective was that his is going to be primarily a government for the betterment of Zambian lives.
Stressing that priority in the exploitation of Zambia’s vast natural resources must be given to Zambians Mr. Hichilema said that foreign investment will still be encouraged but only in joint ventures with Zambians.
Among other things he, quite competently, explained how his government will strengthen not undermine, institutions of governance such as the Anti corruption Commission and the Financial Intelligence centre, as part of the fight against the astronomically high levels of corruption. Additionally, the opposition leader touched on issues of value addition for Zambian exports, provision of affordable finance for businesses in an environment with low cost of doing business. Mr. Hichilema also assured that under his management hospitals will have drugs not prescription pads, education will be free ensuring that children who are talented can rise to any station in society regardless of the circumstances of their birth.
Simply put he extrapolated the alliance’s statement of intent on political, economic and social protection in a candid, lucid manner frequently diverting into bemba for the copperbelt audience to understand him as loudly and clearly as possible.
All in all he exuded the kind of confidence which says “I know what I am talking about, the choice for change to a better prosperous Zambia for all, free of corruption and pilferage is yours.” With that I fell back into a deep slumberous repose knowing that my country had a future.
My convalesce was rudely disturbed that evening, however, when self proclaimed ‘bulldozer’ featured on Sun FM Radio, in a futile, pointless and miscalculated attempt to counter the indelible impressions HH had left indented on the minds of voters who had listened the special interview. With his rudimentary, pedestrian grasp of the queen’s tongue, he unleashed a tirade of insults more virulent than my malaria, aimed at the UPND leader. Bowman Lusambo was either on a some sort of hallucigen or he is naturally one of most intellectually challenged imbeciles to ever grace live radio in recent memory.
In his usual delusionary manner he compared his popularity to that of HH disrespectfully referring to Mr. Hichilema as a ‘guy’. Being the bootlicking sycophant that he is, he punctuated almost every sentence with ‘his excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu Commander in Chief’ and failed to come out with any original thought not that any was to be expected.
Blatantly displaying his trove of ignorance he stated that the current economic problems had been caused by HH after he sold the mines on terms unfavorable for the Zambian people as ‘revealed by madam nawakwi’ . The truth is that the mine privatization team was led by Francis Kaunda and George Sokota and Mr. Kaunda in his book SELLING THE FAMILY SILVER’ narrates how problematic it was to work with Nawakwi who was then finance minister as she surreptitiously sought to benefit from the privitisation by bring shady questionable characters of international ill repute unto the negotiating table. In the book Mr. Kaunda reveals how then president, Frederick Chiluba had to censure and eventually fire Nawakwi for her less than noble or impure intentions in the sale of ZCCM assets. it is also a matter of public record that Mr. Hichilema only played a role in the sale of ZCCM non core assets.
As to how the economy is in intensive care suppliant for life saving oxygen from the IMF and other such finance institutions , Lusambo is under the illusion that it is a worldwide phenomenon citing unemployment levels in the United Kingdom and other western economies. He has no clue that whole economies shut down due to the Corona pandemic unlike here where the economy has been in free fall ever since PF ascended to power.
This former thug for hire who not so long ago was beating up people at the MMD secretariat, who can now call K2 million loose change can not see beyond his personal ill gotten wealth. The Zambian people will remedy his myopia on August 12.
Lastly. It would hold Lusambo and his ilk in good stead in future if they start engaging the incoming president positively before it is too late as he may be the only one who will have the ability to save them from the post election wrath of the Zambian people for crimes committed while in office.
I am sure most citizens will concur with my message to Bowman: We will give you a fair trial and then jail you.

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