Lusambo’s threats on prophet Bushiri

Lusambo’s threats on prophet Bushiri

Listening to MMD die hard thug Bowman Lusambo rant about and threaten to revoke the mining licence of Malawian Preacher Shepherd Bushiri makes one want to shed tears for Zambia.

But then, this is just the reality of the leadership vacuum Zambia is currently in. Lusambo is the minister in charge of one of the most important industrial provinces of the country. How? A thug without traceable education should occupy such an office and you honestly expect development?

Why would government revoke the mining licence just because the majority shareholder has differed with one of the government ministers? Is it really Bushiri who will suffer for such an illogical decision? Is it not Zambians who will be thrown onto the street? How long had that mine been inoperative until the time Bushiri pumped in money? How many Zambians will lose jobs and businesses just because PF wants to please one of their own? Will Bushiri suffer, really?

But then, one can tell how ignorant our leaders are by the way the fail to comprehend simple issues.

In his statement, Lusaka says: ‘the other important lesson I should draw Bushiri to is that in public administration or any other organised setting, there is what is called collective responsibility. Thus, by admonishing Rev. Sumaili publicly, Bushiri has elected to attack the Republic of Zambia and all its people.’

This is not what collective responsibility mean or entail.

At government level, collective responsibility simply means ministers must publicly support decisions of cabinet even if at individual level they do not agree. Those who can’t are expected to resign. It does not mean that if a member of the public fights with a minister in a bar then he has fought with the whole government or nation.

In other usage, collective responsibility is also referred to as collective guilty/punishment. For example, blaming all Jews for the death of Jesus, when not all Jews had any role to play. Or punishing all pupils at a school for an offence committed by one of them. If you went to school you know how this works. This does not mean that if one person differs with one Jew, then he has differed with all Jews.

If collective responsibility meant what Lusambo thinks, then it means that Minister Sumaili has differed with all prophets, all Malawians and all black people.

We urge Dr Thug to revisit his doctoral thesis on ‘collective responsibility’.

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