Litunga assures RB of votes

Litunga assures RB of votes


Litunga Lubosi Imwiko of the Lozi people of Western province has assured President Rupiah Banda of victory in that province.

The Litunga had a private meeting with president Rupiah Banda on Monday. The details of the meeting were not made public except a justification from State house that the president meets different people from time to time.

State house insiders have now revealed that the Litunga went to state house to specifically assure the president of votes.

President Banda and the Litunga

The Lozi came is said to have told president Banda that PF leader Michael Sata will get just a few votes in the province as people don’t trust him and that even though he talks about the Baroteland agreement.

Sources say that the Litunga was however dodge on questions relating to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema but preferred to talk about Sata.

The source told the Watchdog that before the Litunga travelled to Lusaka to meet President Banda, the Baroste Royal Establishment met to discuss the future of Western province in relation to development under the present government.

The Litunga is said to have told president Banda that Sata is viewed as a joker and a person who should not be trusted because he has made a lot of commitments towards the restoration of the Baroste Establishment which would be difficult for him to fulfill.

The source said President Banda felt relieved when the Litunga assured him of victory and his support ahead of the election this year.

“The Litunga informed the President about the challenges the MMD might face in Mongu district over the Baroste Agreement which the opposition is using as a political campaign tool to dislodge the MMD and President Banda in particular, the Litunga assured the President that Lozi’s still have faith in his leadership and will definitely support him, ,” said the source.

The source briefed the Watchdog that the Litunga also advised President Banda not to pinpoint candidates to contest in the forthcoming elections.

“The Litunga also advised the President against  involving himself into the adoption process of candidates, he was told that he will create confusion but must leave the provincial leadership and other lower organs of the party to iron out these issues especially Mongu central where Joseph Mulyata wants to re-contest because he is  factor there,” said the source.

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