M’ membe and Nchito should take personal responsibility for the K14 billion they owe DBZ

By Given Mutinta

Personal responsibility is a commitment to oneself. It means putting a stop to pointing the finger at others and admitting and accepting that no one else but you is responsible. The alacrity and willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own actions is a fountain from which self-worth or dignity springs.

Fred M’membe and Mutembo Nchito should stop their monkey business and pay back the K14 billion they owe the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ). There is no need to cause unjustified mystifications in the Judiciary and country as a whole.

Our people want their money to be paid back to DBZ. M’membe and Nchito should take individual responsibility by being accountable for the public funds they pocketed. To a certain extent, it is because of public funds that today they have improved their health, wealth, success, and happiness with no thought for the poor masses.

Whether M’membe and Nchito like it or not, our people want them to accept personal responsibility for the money they owe DBZ and the confusion they have created in their lives and Judiciary. The money would have gone a long way in lifting up our people from the rock bottom of poverty. Why should we embezzle from people who are already poor?

One interesting thing about life is that it always gives us the consequences related to our actions or inaction. The onus is on us is to correct our mistakes, laxity, and corrupt conduct.

As high-flying leaders in our country, M’membe and Nchito hold several roles, functions, and responsibilities; that of employers or employees, spouses, citizens, and others. Thus, it is understandable today why our people are extremely disappointed with their fraudulent conduct to pocket their money.

Surely, their effort to evade paying back the loan is an attractive one. Even our people given a chance would want someone else to pay back their loans to evade the agony of letting go their hard earned cash. Regrettably, dodging to pay back the loan is tantamount to abuse of public funds and a felonious action. Trying to evade their responsibility of paying back the loan is a sure sign that M’membe and Nchito’s strengths, emotions, and character have been challenged and need guidance.

Nothing will change the circumstances of the public funds M’membe and Nchito pocketed thus a need for them to take personal responsibility for the loan. There is no doubt that they can change themselves and return the public funds.


Accepting responsibility to pay back the loan is the only way that will stop the blame game and nitpicking M’membe and Nchito are animating in the judiciary. As long as they do not want to take personal responsibility for the loan the monkeyshines, tomfooleries, and shenanigans in the judiciary will go on. Our people can no longer be fooled by the phoney cry against the Judiciary that it is corrupt to the core. Our people are alert and they know the malefactors in this K14 billion scandal. M’membe and Nchito should be ‘men enough’ and stop developing this childish, senseless, and injudicious victim mentality.


Let them take personal responsibility for their loan rather make the Judiciary and the whole nation waste time looking for who is at fault or what is wrong. M’membe and Nchito should pay their dues as our people will not allow them to hold the Judiciary and nation at ransom.


Our people are God-fearing. If M’membe and Nchito were to take personal responsibility by paying back the loan, and apologise for pocketing public funds our people are more than ready to forgive even if they have contributed to their sufferings. Our people are good, they are quick to forgive and forget except that the law of the land has to take its sure course.


In life, taking responsibility for our actions is the right attitude if we want to continue enjoying warmth among our people. In addition, we need warmth to be happy and rightfully successful. Accepting responsibility is the only way M’membe and Nchito can transform their dishonest lives as most of our people feel they have lived longer than their usefulness to our society.


Taking responsibility for the k14 billion they owe DBZ is not a sign of weakness, but a gesture that will go a long way to show their maturity, wisdom, and recoup their integrity. The attempt to evade the loan is a sign that M’membe and Nchito no longer have the right attitude for life. They cannot be trusted by our people! If not legally regimented, they are more likely to create unwarranted problems in our nation. Let them take time to look into the locuses of their hearts and draw strength to take responsibility for their conduct on public funds. Their actions have clearly spun out of control and need to judiciously examine their lives optimistically.

M’membe and Nchito need to the attitude of ‘If it is to be, it is up to us,’ to free themselves from the wicked and satanic pride blinding them from seeing their own corrupt behaviour hurting our people. It is through admitting that we are responsible for our own actions; corrupt or honest that makes us good citizens.

Taking personal responsibility for our actions is one way of inspiring our people to live honest lives. M’membe and Nchito may not have kids but are at least in charge of managing employees, thus understand the importance of individual responsibility.

Let us buoy up personal accountability amongst our people not evasiveness and crookedness. M’membe and Nchito should take lead in the practice of what they are teaching in the editorials, and stand for in the courts of law respectively on how we ought to behave as citizens when handling public funds.

Surely, the duo should know better that personal responsibility begins from the inside and moves outward. They must begin by taking responsibility for their thoughts, choices, and actions to borrow public funds from DBZ. It would be unfair to our people to have M’membe and Nchito relieved from the circumstances created by their huge loan.

Evading the loan will definitely harm our people. Even avoiding choices is a choice, and each choice should have consequences. Let M’membe and Nchito take responsibility for their loan or face the wrath of the law.

A great philosophy of responsible citizenship is that when things are working, we are responsible, and when they need fixing like paying back K14 billion to BDZ, we are responsible.

The richest blessings follow those who follow the rules and respect the universal laws for lavish living. Our aspirations for wellness, success, power, authority, and relationships should not be at the expense of our people.

For sure as lawyers, M’membe and Nchito should know better that when we follow the rules, life works. Thus, if they think they will really get by with breaking the rules to circumvent from paying back the loan, they are only fooling themselves. Our people want the money back!

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