Maamba residents riot over suspected ritual killing

Heavy rioting has broken out in Maamba district of Southern province over a suspected ritual murder. A police officer’s house has so far been set ablaze.

Residents also want to burn down the police station as they seek to met mob justice on a suspected ritual killer who has sought refugee at the police station.

About three weeks ago, a local woman was killed by suspected ritual killers. Her body  was discovered two days ago in manhole near the stadium in Maamba.

Police picked up suspects but later released.

But today being the day of burial, residents have run amok, blocked the only entry/exit to and from Maamba.

They say that the night the lady was killed, she actually ran to the police seeking their protection but they just brushed her aside thinking that it was a tangle from one of her daily clients.  The woman is said to have been suspected sex worker.

As she walked away from the police station, she met her fate.

According to a resident in Maamba, residents have burned down the house of  police officer who was on duty that day. The angry residents followed the suspect to his house and broke it down looking for him.

The suspect, only identified as Davy, a local bus operator, managed to escape from the angry mob and ran to the police where the residents followed him.

An eye witness in Maamba says the police seem to be overwhelmed…

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