Mabenga smells ‘Bemba conspiracy’ on daughter’s death

Officials at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and police are said to be upset by MMD chairman Michael Mabenga insinuation that there is a ‘Bemba conspiracy’ surrounding her daughter’s death.
Mabenga’s daughter, Gladys Maketo Chitika was found dead at her home in unclear circumstances. Police have since arrested her husband Chitika. He has been taken to court charged with murder together with his nephew.
When Gladys was found dead, Mabenga refused to bury her claiming that his daughter r was murdered and did not commit suicide as was ‘revealed’ in a postmortem report.
He demanded a second postmortem insisting that her husband was behind the death.
The Watchdog understands that Mabenga rejected the first postmortem because the postmortem report was done by Bembas. He is accusing them of trying to protect their fellow Bemba Chitika, a brother of PF MP Elizabeth Chitika.
But this has upset pathologists at UTH and police officer as both postmortems show that death was by strangulation concluding that she hanged herself.
The husband is denying killing Gladys saying that every time they fought, she threatened to commit suicide.
But Mabenga insists that the house was cleaned out by sweeping away the blood.
But family members say the house was swept to prepare for mourners who were to start gathering. The body had no wound and there was no bleeding.
David Chansa Chitika and his nephew Lawrence Kaunda have since been committed to the high court for trial and are remanded in police custody.

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