Mabiza mine refusing to pay supplies

Mabiza mine refusing to pay supplies

Editor ,

We are a group of suppliers who had provided services to Mabiza Mines (Munali Mickel)of Mazabuka. The company is owing us enormous amounts of money for close to 2 years without any payment despite numerous requests. Efforts to engage management over payment has fallen on deaf ears, especially their arrogant owner Anthony Mauve. We have also spoken to numerous leaders of government, on numerous occasions but they seem not to be interested. What next?

We eventually engaged the Legal Courts to recover our monies but the courts seem to be compromised. It’s either the judge is sick or out of town but you see them ruling on other matters later. How long does it take for a consent judgement or judgemen/ ruling to passed on such straight forward issues.If the system can side with foreigners who are in the wrong, but not protect it’s citizens in the right, then our future as a country is bleak. We now understand it when people say our judiciary is littered with corruption.

We have lost business, property, credibility because of these fake investors and the damage is irreversible. What next is the big question????

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