Machungwa betrays Mumba, applies to stand on PF

Embattled MMD President Nevers Mumba has received another big slap on his face after his confidant Peter Machungwa has applied to stand on the PF ticket in Luapula constituency.
According to sources from both the PF and the now defunct MMD,  Machungwa has since been interviewed by constituency officials in Luapula constituency.
” Nevers has been hammered again. This time by someone who was extremely close to him and expelled and suspended members together,” the source said.
Another source said the application by Machungwa has caused serious divisions in the PF as the incumbent Member of Parliament Emmelin Kabanshi has also applied.
Kabanshi is the current the Minister of Community Development. Luapula constituency is in the newly created district of Lunga.
In another development, reports indicate that Nevers Mumba has chosen Elizabeth Chitika as his running mate for the August 11, 2016 elections.
“Yes he wants Elizabeth Chitika to be his running mate. We know Chitika very well, she messed up Christon Tembo under FDD and Ben Mwila under ZRP,” the source said.
A check at the MMD Secretariat found several vehicles that were recently released by the Police branded “Nevers Mumba for 2016”.
This means that practically it is confirmed that there is no alliance between the MMD and PF.
Mumba was hoping that he would be choses as a running mate by Edgar Lungu but was shocked when Lungu in a drunken stupor announced that his running mate was going to be a woman.

In 2011, Machungwa campaigned vigorously against PF and late Michael Sata in Particular in favour of Rupiah Banda though. He was one of the rebel PF ministers who received money from Rupiah Banda to fight their own party.

The other time Machungwa was an MP he stole K2 billion from the parliament. See here–13-456919-18-lang2-index.html

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