Machungwa says MMD focussed on winning polls

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy Trustee Dr. Peter Machungwa has said the MMD leadership has taken note of the endorsement by some MMD NEC and MPs of UPND Hakainde Hichilema in their personal capacities for the 20th January, 2014 elections. He stated that the focus of the party is on the coming presidential election on 20th January 2015.

“We as MMD are very happy that we have finally managed to cross over most of the challenges that dogged the party in the recent past and delighted that finally, against extremely difficult odds, Dr. Nevers Mumba managed to successfully file in his nomination papers as MMD Presidential candidate. It’s a miracle and we now choose to focus all our energies on his election,” said Dr. Machungwa.

He went on to say that the recent developments in the MMD and indeed in the entire nation since the unfortunate demise of Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) have been a great eye-opener for all Zambians to have a clear assessment of the actual state of our nation as far as politics are concerned. He said Zambia is now at a crossroads in terms of the way forward and he said the MMD is now focused on putting all its energies to mobilize all its members to begin to work extremely hard in campaigning and explaining why Zambians should vote for Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba as in-coming Republican President. He has called on all Zambians to be very analytical and to assess and scrutinize every statement that politicians are issuing to avoid the disappointments they have suffered in the past.

“As we reach this critical stage of the election campaign, I call upon every Zambian to open their eyes and see what the sudden demise of the late President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata has exposed. All of us Zambians now have a rare opportunity to bring about the Zambia we want and to assess who is a genuine person to be be entrusted with taking the reigns of power and who is not. We cannot afford another mistake this time,” he said.

He has urged all MMD sympathizers and supporters nationwide who have closely followed developments not to wait for rallies but to start campaigning and personally take up the responsibility of vigorously campaigning door to door for Dr. Mumba. He said this election will be won by genuine friends and supporters of the MMD taking up this assignment seriously.

“In the time I have had to closely interact with Dr. Mumba, I have found him to be a rare human being, extremely steadfast, courageous and have admired his fortitude, simplicity, fairness, his genuine love for people and for his God. I am extremely grateful to have met and interacted with such a man as Dr. Mumba who insists that every single meeting or rally starts with a prayer. I have been amazed at his ability to remain calm even in the most vicious storms that have come his way. I therefore wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba as in-coming Republican President. For me, he has passed the test to lead Zambia,” said Dr. Machungwa.

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