Madison Insurance is as bad

Madison Insurance is as bad

Dear editor,
I saw your beautiful article on these insurance companies. I almost forgot about how I was treated by one of these insurance company of Zambia. My full names are Jacqueline Kobe. I got very disappointed with this company Madison insurance company. I purchased my insurance cover with them in April 2019 I was to travel on 29th April to be specific .one the mentioned date I missed the flight of which it was neither my fought or the company. I thank Turkish airlines who after three days booked me on another flight. So to cut this very long story short I managed to fly to my final destination which was Norway. While still there, I caught a bacterial infection of which I needed medical insurance. I was in a town called Hamar those of you who know that place I was driven to the hospital and there my insurance cover was demanded. Well the doctors and nurses were really good and kind to me but when they saw my cover the mentioned to me that most Africa insurance companies are just money making ventures. I told them that Madison was a big company which I have used for more than 10 years. But still they advised me to foot my bills and make a claim my self. Well I did as they said. Later I contacted my Zambian office and I was told to contact a lady called mutinta pasi. She referred me to the email of where I started communicating with Ameni / netzaoi..I was told they are in the UK. One of the responses was so rude to me. They even asked me if I had any motives. Now people look at this people my insurance cover no was sent to them with the number 62wwB63. They studied my case and they said I should also send them a medical report for the hamar hospital which I did now it’s like they thought it was fake. I tried to send my sister to Livingstone Zambia office they where helpful.but still my case was said I may have a motive .I have all supporting documents and even more doctors and nurses where surprised how things are handled in Africa. So please advise me people what should I do even just to claim my medical money. Don’t I have the right. Please forward this to the medical insurance country director of Zambia. I need my money as stated in their policy.and I have more evidence.
Yours faithfully,
Jacqueline Kobe(.miss)

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    filler 2 weeks ago

    Madison Asset Management is crying for creditors protection

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    steve 2 weeks ago

    This is the most horrible company i ever know. I had a contract with them under madson asset, please don’t dare to do any bussiness with this company. I’ll soon also produce my article.just the name tells

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      Buy travel insurance from Professional Insurance, a truly Zambian company

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Just go to court my Dear sister.